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Provided with or having tentacles.
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Adj.1.tentacled - having tentacles
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They're armed with memory-altering gizmos, lots of shiny laser weapons and, of course, the essential black sunglasses, as they encounter lots of small, cute aliens, plenty of large, tentacled, angry ones, and those that change from one to another.
But we were unable to save a number of species including question mark cockroaches, Amano shrimps, betta hendra fish, cinnamon frogs, tentacled snakes and birds such as grosbeak starlings.
Thumbay Hospital Fujairah has placed crocheted octopus next to premature babies (preemies) after a research suggested that snuggling crocheted tentacled sea creatures might make preemies feel safer and fare better.
The zoo has now confirmed that breeds including question mark cockroaches, Amano shrimps, betta hendra fish, cinnamon frogs, tentacled snakes and grosbeak starlings died in the blaze.
The Fates -- here called the Turropsi -- make an appearance as tentacled creatures, in keeping with the aquatic motif.
The enormous tentacled creature's cause of death is unknown.
In the shadowy depths of the ocean tentacled creatures roam through a monochromatic world.
The firm also installed the breathtaking dragon on the banks of Caerphilly Castle, complete with black and red scales and smoke-flaring nostrils, and managed to bringLondon traffic to a standstill with some gruesome tentacled aliens from Independence Day.
Made by Cardiff-based Wild Creations and tied to the backs of heavy-duty military trucks, the tentacled creatures were shipped from South Wales at 5am to avoid detection.
Octopus is having a moment, and (mostly) Mediterranean eateries are adding the tentacled sea creatures to their appetizer options.
Ditching the found-footage angle and most of the big action setpieces, the follow-up gets its chills not from towering, tentacled beasts but a growing, insidious sense of suspicion and mistrust.
Unlike the majority of snakes which lay eggs, tentacled snakes are an aquatic species that produce eggs inside their body during pregnancy.