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1. Zoology
a. An elongated flexible unsegmented extension, as one of those surrounding the mouth of a sea anemone, used for feeling, grasping, or locomotion.
b. One of these structures in a cephalopod, typically being retractile and having a clublike end usually with suckers or hooks, in contrast to an arm, which is nonretractile and typically has suckers along the underside.
2. Botany One of the sensitive hairs on the leaves of certain insectivorous plants, such as a sundew.
3. A similar part or extension, especially with respect to the ability to grasp or stretch: an espionage network with far-reaching tentacles.

[New Latin tentāculum, from Latin tentāre, to feel, try; see tentative.]

ten·tac′u·lar (-tăk′yə-lər) adj.
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Adj.1.tentacular - of or relating to or resembling tentacles
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A lank tentacular appendage gripped the edge of the cylinder, another swayed in the air.
If the righting response of animals in nature is indeed stronger in the sagittal than the tentacular plane, then one may ask if this behavior is advantageous for ctenophores, and, if so, how.
Like his predecessors, Gates aims to grab hold of what Clement Greenberg once famously called "the umbilical cord of gold" connecting artists and their patrons, and to redirect it in the service of creating new communities, discursive platforms, and networks that have a tentacular reach (and in which I too have been caught up, not unwillingly: Gates was an intellectual and financial contributor to "Black Collectivities," a conference I co-organized with Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago curator Naomi Beckwith that productively charted many of the questions posed in these lines).
Our protocol was based on tentacular tissue as a model, because tentacles are generally regions with the highest concentration of nematocysts per area.
Each tentacle can produce an independent longitudinal contraction (tentacular shortening) and, when coupled with inward bending of the broad tentacular base (pedalium), will bring the tentacle into the subumbrellar cavity.
Each individual was identified to the lowest taxonomic level by comparison with descriptions available in the literature (Sweeney et al., 1992; Ortiz et al., 2006; Bolstad 2008; Gonzalez et al., 2008; Ortiz & Re, 2010; Uriarte et al., 2010) using standardized morphological characters, including dorsal mantle length (DML, mm), number and distribution of suckers (S), tentacular club (TC) and chromatophore patterns.
When their movable components are left ajar or opened completely, they erupt into complex tentacular configurations that take time to understand--particularly in the case of the two-meter-tall versions, which may be installed in relatively small spaces that preclude a distanced, comprehensive point of view.
Antennae and tentacular cirri shorter than dorsal cirri.