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1. Not fully worked out, concluded, or agreed on; provisional: tentative plans.
2. Indicating a lack of confidence or certainty; hesitant: tentative steps toward the podium.

[Medieval Latin tentātīvus, from Latin tentātus, past participle of tentāre, to try, variant of temptāre.]

ten′ta·tive·ly adv.
ten′ta·tive·ness n.
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kísérleti jelleg
e-î sem er til bráîabirgîa
geçici olma


(ˈtentətiv) adjective
1. not final or complete; not definite. We have made a tentative arrangement.
2. uncertain or hesitating. a tentative movement.
ˈtentatively adverb
ˈtentativeness noun
References in classic literature ?
He crooked the arm next to her - crooked it very slightly and with secret tentativeness, not invitingly, but just casually, as though he was accustomed to walk that way.
Lute's eyes were quizzical as she asked with a tentativeness that was palpably assumed, "With--a--with Mr.
I think it was clear to see that there was plenty of nervousness, plenty of hesitancy and tentativeness early on from the lads, but they ground out the win.
As could be expected, a frame highlighting negative aspects of the technique yielded more caution and perceptions of tentativeness than a positive frame.
Similar tentativeness is expected from Yellen, though investors will be on the lookout for signs relating to a) when the Fed will start reducing its balance sheet - something that could happen as early as next month - and b) whether there will be another rate hike before the end of 2017.
True is not quite as solid--her diction could be crisper and there is some tentativeness in her runs, but she shows musicality and great promise.
Since the Sports Direct magnate bought the club outright during the middle of 2007, there has been a hesitancy and a tentativeness that has caused Newcastle's hierarchy to vacillate with frustrating regularity.
And then kind of a tentativeness comes about the drama.
There was none of the tentativeness that characterized their 73-75 loss to Palestine last Wednesday where the Nationals were stumped by their opponents' zone defense that saw them shoot blanks from all over the court.
It was a sign of things to come really, illustrating a tentativeness and almost jumpiness in the Rovers defence that was to persist when they were on the back foot.
Azhar and Hafeez were Pakistan's fourth different opening combination in their last five ODIs, and the tentativeness showed in their start of eight runs in five overs on a pitch that never misbehaved.
It all comes back to that tentativeness I was speaking about, where we lacked the self-belief to take the game to them.