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1. Covered with tents.
2. Sheltered in tents.
3. Resembling a tent.


(ˈtɛn tɪd)

1. covered with or living in a tent or tents.
2. shaped like a tent.


adj attr
(= with tents) fieldmit Zelten (belegt); tented campZeltlager nt
(= draped) room, ceilingdrapiert, verhangen
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According to the figures obtained from the office of Agency Education Officer, these tented schools also included 34 for girls with the number of tents varying according to the number of students in different localities.
Security forces said Syrian refugees residing in a tented community near the Blbek village of Qsarnaba lured a mentally disabled man, 28, from the Dirani family, to their tent Saturday night, where they allegedly tried to sexually assault him.
To show people and companies just how versatile our tents are, we have decided to push the boundaries of outdoor tented branded opportunities.