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(ˈtɛn ti)

adj. tent•i•er, tent•i•est. Scot.
watchful; attentive.
[1545–55; tent attention (see tent2) + -y1]
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Tenty, as old Hendo calls him, lines up in the feature at Kempton.
Tenty came back from the knackers yard to run a blinder last term behind Annie Power in the Champion and at Aintree.
Now listen to eighty, foray, foresee, forum, foreign, onesy, sixty, tennis, tenty ("attentive"), and tutee ("one who is tutored").
individuals of at least ten to tenty years old have been documented in
JENNIFER Lopez wears a tenty dress and proudly rubs her ever-growing bump while partying with her hubby Marc Anthony in Miami.
Smaller, smellier and over-run with really grubby grownups, it was quite unlike any previous tenty fun I'd had in the past.
First round: L and G Stocks v J and K West, B and P Toon v I and L Willoughby, M and B Baxter v M and D Nicholson, J and M Parry v S Rabone and P Bywater, M Powell and J Kitson v G and J Tenty, J and S Pears v E and E Lonergan, K Cross and Partner v K and N Sykes, J and F Ellis v M and D Smith.
Avoid straight up-and-down shift dresses, drop-waisted dresses, and tenty empireline dresses that fall softly from the bustline: all these will cover your lack of curves, but won't give you a waist.
I'm not the kind of girl who wears black, tenty jumpers because she's overweight.