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n. pl. ten·u·es (-yo͞o-ēz′) Linguistics
1. A voiceless stop.
2. A voiceless unaspirated stop in ancient Greek.

[New Latin (translation of Greek psīlos), from Latin, thin; see tenuous.]


n, pl tenues (ˈtɛnjʊˌiːz)
(Grammar) (in the grammar of classical Greek) any of the voiceless stops as represented by kappa, pi, or tau (k, p, t)
[C17: from Latin: thin]


(ˈtɛn yu ɪs)

n., pl. -u•es (-yuˌiz)
an unaspirated voiceless stop, esp. in ancient Greek.
[1640–50; < Latin: thin, fine, slender]
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Elk that did not survive often displayed lowered movements due to neurologic disease (Parelaphostrongylus tenuis, Carpenter et al.
Gram-positive diphtheroids, classically Corynebacterium tenuis, mix with sweat on hair shafts and subsequently produce a cementing material.
A) NBMG 20587, ichnofossil from the Devonian (Emsian) Campbellton Formation, with accompanying close up of Monomorphichnus multilineatus (white arrows), and Helminthoidichites tenuis (black arrows).
pastizal (estepa herbacea de Piptochaetium napostaense, Nassella tenuis y Plantago patagonica) y mosaico de arbustal y pastizal (estepa arbustiva-herbacea de Chuquiraga avellanedae y Nassella tenuis), seleccionados en base a la caracterizacion floristica de Bertiller et al.
So Harrison's team brought in larvae from a species of fast-growing, purple-tipped coral, called Acropora tenuis, collected from a nearby healthier reef.
tenuis,&nbsp;are often considered among the most resistant morphologies to sedimentation due to their vertical growth yet despite their active mechanisms for coal removal some coral tissue died and sloughed off the skeleton within 14AaAaAeAcdays
tenuis may realize an immuno-logical harbor within the CNS, as might P.
There is also information on Tellina tenuis (Da Costa, 1778) (Dekker & Beukema 1999) and Tellina lutea (W.
The Elegant Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus pulcher pulcher was restricted to the built environs along the boundary of the study area, and the Greater Bar-sided Skink Eulamprus tenuis and Copper-tailed Skink were restricted to the Southern Rock Outcrop.
tenuis, extracted from the anterior chamber of a patient's eye.