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a. Weak or insubstantial; flimsy: a tenuous argument; a tenuous link between pieces of evidence.
b. Precarious or insecure: tenuous survival.
2. Long and thin; slender: tenuous strands.
3. Having a thin consistency: Pluto's tenuous envelope of gas.

[Latin tenuis; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

ten′u·ous·ly adv.
ten′u·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.tenuously - in a tenuous manner; "his works tenuously survive in the minds of a few scholars"


[ˈtenjʊəslɪ] ADV [linked, connected] → vagamente


adv (= slightly)schwach, leicht; another world, connected to reality only tenuouslyeine andere Welt, nur schwach mit der Realität verbunden
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With contributions from nearly two dozen artists, writers, and curators, the book, a compilation of advice columns by fictional artist Gina Ashcraft, is linked only tenuously to the works on display at Alexander and Bonin, but possesses all the humor and ambiguity one would have liked to encounter in the gallery.
and Fran - both having been slaves to their ambitions - eventually and tenuously learn to love.
And he could tenuously claim to have had a say in the winning goal after putting Carbonari under some degree of pressure in the box.
These ideas are only tenuously traced, however, and one would hope that Dunn and others will continue to explore more contemporary anthropological approaches to the problematic picaresque.
House Atreides is among several feuding Great Royal Houses that comprise a tenuously balanced trilogy of power with the Emperor and the Navigators of the Spacing Guild.
But a decline in the quality of players developed, combined with the Bosman ruling and a foreign spending spree by the Old Firm, led to Scotland trawling through Championship sides for players tenuously eligible to play.
Although slave owners were reluctant to acknowledge women's relationships with their children, these enslaved mothers found ways to create for themselves, however tenuously, the ties of maternity so poignantly represented by the woman who called her child "Mines" (132).
The artist's Pop-surreal forms present bodies as libidinous portents that only tenuously come together, like textbook illustrations of the mirror stage of infant development.
Most will claim, however tenuously, you once crossed their electronic path and hence somehow gave them permission.
Shooting began after the most pronounced battles with the Taliban were history and control of the country was at least tenuously in hand.
The evening consists of six tenuously linked monologues that are thematically and stylistically disparate.
In one such instance of revelation, the artist's palette in Palette, which according to Kiefer "represents the idea of the artist connecting heaven and earth," is depicted tenuously suspended between two burning ropes--yet here the painting's mood is heroic, defiant, triumphant.