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a. Weak or insubstantial; flimsy: a tenuous argument; a tenuous link between pieces of evidence.
b. Precarious or insecure: tenuous survival.
2. Long and thin; slender: tenuous strands.
3. Having a thin consistency: Pluto's tenuous envelope of gas.

[Latin tenuis; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

ten′u·ous·ly adv.
ten′u·ous·ness n.
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[ˈtenjʊəsnɪs] N [of link, connection] → lo vago; [of argument] → endeblez f, falta f de fundamento; [of evidence] → falta f de solidez
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(lit, of thread) → Dünne f, → Feinheit f; (of cobweb)Zartheit f, → Feinheit f; (of air)Dünne f; (of gas)Flüchtigkeit f
(fig, of connection, argument, relationship) → Schwäche f; (= insecurity of position)Unsicherheit f
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Oaxaca natives understood this, and some of the barriers came down because of this shared tenuousness. Native speakers striving to document and leach their indigenous language comprehend that it represents life for their mother tongue as do analogous endeavors by Yiddish speakers, not to mention every example mentioned in this article.
Even the dusty towns, with names like Deadwood and Tombstone, isolated on the limitless land, their ramshackle sidewalks and storefronts rising, as Howard Fast wrote, "out of the short-grassed prairie like a rickety mirage," wavering in the heat haze, underscore the tenuousness of civilization, of life itself.
However, the venture illustrates the tenuousness of the Alaska fuel rural supply network.
For more skeptical and critical journalists, on the contrary, Abu Musab al Zarqawi was also functional proof of the tenuousness of the links, the dubiousness of the associations, and the fraught nature of the relationships that fabricated the war on terror.
Wise to a world of conflicting discourses and theories, they reflectively mark the tenuousness of their own suspension between art and science.
Not simply an account of the years spent one step ahead of Hitler, the book is about a little boy then grown man coming to know his own story and realizing the tenuousness of memory.
This point serves to remind us of the tenuousness of our expectations about the relationship between French and English romances.
That said, the dark humour through which the story is told-and though dark humour may be a British trademark, can there be any other way to approach the murderous tenuousness of life under Stalin?
Haldane lists several examples: the hypostatic union of Christ's human and divine natures as a doorway to the mind-body problem, religious doctrines relating objective goodness and the divine will as a way of reflecting on the Euthyphro dilemma, and the contribution of religion to unveiling the tenuousness of complete neutrality when trying to determine what is just in the face of competing conceptions of the good.
Its shortness exposes the tenuousness of any claim that this is 'our land'.
He acknowledged their tenuousness when he commented that, "if war should break out, the whole of my proposals for the time being at any rate would be skittled," (25) but there is little to suggest that he considered his proposals unworkable.
See, as a public figurewhich even Snyder cedes he isSnyder must prove that the WCP article's statements were not only false but made with knowledge of their falseness or at least extreme tenuousness. And in fact, if you read the article as any ordinary person would, they are true!