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also tee·pee or ti·pi (tē′pē)
n. pl. te·pees also tee·pees or ti·pis
A portable dwelling of certain Native American peoples, especially on the Great Plains, consisting of a conical framework of poles covered with skins or bark.

[Sioux thípi, dwelling.]


(ˈtiːpiː) or


(Anthropology & Ethnology) a cone-shaped tent of animal skins used by certain North American Indians
[C19: from Siouan tīpī, from ti to dwell + pi used for]


or tee•pee

(ˈti pi)

a Plains Indian tent made from animal skins laid on a conical frame of long poles.
Sometimes, tipi.
[1735–45, Amer.; < Dakota thípi=thí- to dwell + -pi pl. indefinite abstract n. suffix]
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Noun1.tepee - a Native American tenttepee - a Native American tent; usually of conical shape
indian lodge, lodge - any of various Native American dwellings
collapsible shelter, tent - a portable shelter (usually of canvas stretched over supporting poles and fastened to the ground with ropes and pegs); "he pitched his tent near the creek"


[ˈtiːpiː] N (US) → tipi m


nTipi nt
References in classic literature ?
But when the frames of poles were made into tepees by being covered with cloth and skins, White Fang was astounded.
But in a short while his fear of the tepees passed away.
The little stretch of level land was white with Indian tepees, and there were probably half a thousand red warriors clustered around some object near the center of the camp.
They are waterproof and wind-proof and make ideal outdoor tepees and shelters.
Pictures have given us three tepees - as seen in the new film - to be won.
The Painted Desert's Tepees, in Petrified Forest Nationtd Park.
New York, May 20 ( ANI ): Tepees are the latest houseware piece that is trending all over America.
Among the 25 unusual places to stay are tepees, log cabins and even a cabin floating on a lake.
There was a chance to sample life as a Native American by climbing into colourful tepees set up in the Victorian park, and children could scale new heights with a spot of rock climbing.
Holley presents Tipis, Tepees, Teepees: History and Design of the Cloth Tipi, an extraordinary history of a cloth dwelling design that has been used in dozens of cultures since the dawn of civilization.
Activities will also include free food from different nationalities living locally, flag-making workshops, henna tattooing, drama workshops, live music and dancing plus yurts and tepees to decorate the Tiber Street field.
They provide an outline of the proof, tepees and constellations, regularity, the core section (proof of Lemma 2.