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1. Moderately warm; lukewarm.
2. Lacking in emotional warmth or enthusiasm; halfhearted: "the tepid conservatism of the fifties" (Irving Howe).

[Middle English, from Latin tepidus, from tepēre, to be lukewarm.]

te·pid′i·ty, tep′id·ness n.
tep′id·ly adv.
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Adv.1.tepidly - in an unenthusiastically lukewarm manner; "he was lukewarmly received by his relatives"
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(ˈtepid) adjective
1. slightly or only just warm; lukewarm. tepid water.
2. not very enthusiastic. a tepid welcome.
ˈtepidly adverb
ˈtepidness noun
teˈpidity noun
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References in classic literature ?
Here floweth all blood putridly and tepidly and frothily through all veins: spit on the great city, which is the great slum where all the scum frotheth together!
"With an OPEC report due to be released soon, the oil price looks primed for further upside in the short-term at least."London-listed oil majors were tepidly higher at midday, with BP up 0.2% and Royal Dutch Shell 'A' and 'B' shares 0.5% and 0.4% higher respectively.
After tepidly standing by while Trump clamped sanctions on Iran, it has said or done almost nothing about the recent US escalation.
The government of China has criticized the US re-imposition of sanctions, but only tepidly. And now, three sources tell Reuters, China's two big crude importers, Sinopec and China National Petroleum Corp.
festival two years ago with the tepidly reviewed "Ismael's Ghosts," is
Stocks opened tepidly after the Trump-Xi summit was pushed back.
Meanwhile, after the arrest of an actual domestic terrorist who planned to kill the president's political enemies, Trump tepidly responded: "It's a shame." When asked if his own hostile language egged the suspect on, the president said, "I think my language is very nice." Incredible.
Atiku and the PDP are citing these questionable reports as basis for their supporters to reject the results, which these supporters have interpreted as a call to violent protests, even though Atiku had sought to insulate himself from liability by tepidly asking them to remain calm while stoking negative emotions in them with his assertions.
Even so, the author tries to hold his line of argument that the Populists remained vigorous by tepidly suggesting that they reflected "America's own contradictory tradition" exemplified by both Lincoln and Jefferson.
Israel's Foreign Ministry responded tepidly, calling the Australian move "a step in the right direction".
Economic activity and investment in Gwadar have progressed tepidly when compared to other regional upstarts like Duqm in Oman and Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi, which have received significant inflows from China, with the potential to exceed $10 billion.
Recent public health initiatives sounding the alarm over antibiotic resistance - especially to pediatricians - have helped to reduce over-prescription to the youngest children, a fact that the study authors are tepidly encouraged by.