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n. pl. te·puis
Any of numerous isolated, flat-topped mountains in the Guiana highlands of southeastern Venezuela, usually consisting of Precambrian sandstone and often towering over surrounding rainforests by up to 1,000 meters (3,280 feet).

[American Spanish, from Pemón (Cariban language of Venezuela) tëpui, second element in names of tepuis such as Auyantepui : tëk, tëpu-, stone (from Proto-Cariban tôpu-) + -i, suff. added to a noun indicating its possession by a possessor (from Proto-Cariban -rï).]
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In the end the tepui (a type of sheer-sided mountain particular to this part of the world) they tried to ascend proved too much for even this intrepid bunch.
Aided by a team of rock-climbing experts, Steve will be attempting to ascend a remote, unclimbed tepui to discover what kind of wildlife has made its home at the summit.
Steve Backshall still manages a smile during his epic climb in Venezuela's 'unclimbable' Tepui Mountains
With a team of expert rock climbers, Steve attempts the first-ever ascent of a remote tepui to search for wildlife on the summit.
Mountain Roraima, South America: Mouth Roraima, which is a triple border point of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana, is the highest of Pakaraima chain of tepui plateau is South America.
Pablo has described his ultimate date as: "Having a special lunch with the love of my life on a tepui -- a mountainous plateau -- in Canaima [National Park in Venezuela], and flying on a helicopter around the jungle and stopping to eat on top of a tepui.
A new genus and species of riffle beetle Nebllnagena prima, from the Venezuelan tepui, Cerro de la Neblina (Coleoptera, Elmidae, Larinae).
El cerro Kumpanam o Kumpana Muja es una formacion del tipo tepui (7), como la mayoria de los cerros de la Cordillera del Condor.