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n. pl. ter·a·to·mas or ter·a·to·ma·ta (-mə-tə)
A tumor consisting of different types of tissue, as of skin, hair, and muscle, caused by the development of independent germ cells.

ter′a·to′ma·tous (-tō′mə-təs) adj.


(Pathology) pathol relating to a tumour typically of the gonads
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In primary ovarian tumors, SATB2 was detected in 0 of 22 mucinous cystadenomas, 4 of 12 mucinous cystadenomas with mature teratomatous components (33%), 1 of 60 mucinous borderline tumors (1.
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Teratomatous components in mediastinal GCTs have a special tendency for secondary transformation to squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) adenocarcinomas and sarcomasor melanomas.
Analysis of 322 cases with special emphasis on teratomatous lesions and a proposal for histopathologic classification and clinical staging.
The pathologists could find no immature teratomatous component in multiple sections examined.
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Dermoid, epidermoid, and teratomatous cysts of the tongue and the floor of the mouth.
Owing to the presence of bone and cartilage, some pathologists may refer to our case as a teratomatous neuroenteric cyst.
One quarter of cases was found to be associated with teratomatous component.