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A tercentenary.
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(ˌtɜr sɛnˈtɛn i əl)
1. pertaining to a period of 300 years.
2. marking the completion of such a period.
3. a 300th anniversary or its celebration.
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Noun1.tercentennial - the 300th anniversary (or the celebration of it)
anniversary, day of remembrance - the date on which an event occurred in some previous year (or the celebration of it)
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Palestinian -- Jordanian author Ibrahim Nasrallah - Photo complied by Egypt Today CAIRO -- 14 June 2018: Palestinian -- Jordanian author Ibrahim Nasrallah will release a new trilogy of novels in April 2019, which coincides with the tercentennial anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.
(76.) Laura Kalman, The Dark Ages, in HISTORY OF THE YALE LAW SCHOOL: THE TERCENTENNIAL LECTURES 154,197 (Anthony T.
Alcomendas' story of his wife's miraculous healing was just one of many similar testimonies compiled in 'INA: Little Stories of Faith,' which was published by Penafrancia Tercentennial Inc.
Between March and April, the municipality prepared for this high-profile tercentennial. The ANC responded with an appeal to embargo the celebration and stop Africans (offered city transport at no cost) from going to the dedicatory events.
This tercentennial year, with its commemorative celebrations, promises to attract even more visitors than usual.
Sanders explains how the English "cult of Shakespeare" came to be centered in Stratford, detailing the destruction in 1759 of the house in which Shakespeare died, the formation of the Shakespeare's Birthplace Committee in 1847, and the celebrations of Shakespeare's tercentennial in Stratford and in London in 1864.
The Rashtriya Sikh Sangat's emergence has its origins in the celebrations of the tercentennial of the foundation of the Khalsa order which began in April 1999.
Richard Sutcliffe (Royal Conservatory Brussels, Erasmus University College, Brussels) began the session with a presentation called "Westpahl, Wagener, and the tercentennial C.PE.
A third article asks that remaining funds in the Tercentennial trust account be put in that committee's budget account.
(27.) "There was a Potemkin-village quality to the Yale Law School in the mid-1870s, with its claim to have become the nation's premier center of advanced interdisciplinary legal studies." John Langbein, Law School in a University: Yale's Distinctive Path in the Later Nineteenth Century, in HISTORY OF THE Yale Law School: The Tercentennial Lectures 53,65-66 (Anthony Kronman ed., 2004).