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If it were possible for literature to use the microscope of the Leuwenhoeks, the Malpighis, and the Raspails (an attempt once made by Hoffman, of Berlin), and if we could magnify and then picture the teredos navalis, in other words, those ship-worms which brought Holland within an inch of collapsing by honey-combing her dykes, we might have been able to give a more distinct idea of Messieurs Gigonnet, Baudoyer, Saillard, Gaudron, Falleix, Transon, Godard and company, borers and burrowers, who proved their undermining power in the thirtieth year of this century.
But now it is time to show another set of teredos, who burrowed and swarmed in the government offices where the principal scenes of our present study took place.
After her studies of regeneration, she focused her research on the destructive wood borer Teredo, hoping to find a solution to the destruction of the harbor pilings which supported her waterfront laboratory.
As industry explores deeper sea depths, this affects the design and material selection of cables, with challenges such as UV stability, marine growth, microbial attack and even the burrowing Teredo Navalis Shipworm to be addressed.
In 1731, perhaps the most famous instance of marine woodborer damage took place when the shipworm, Teredo navalis, devastated Netherlands wooden seawalls, only one year after its first recorded appearance.
transition mechanisms 6to4, 6in4, 6over46rd, 4rd, Teredo, intrasite automatic tunnel addressing protocol (ISATAP);
The logs were floated down to the Rajang River estuary to await infrequent steamer arrivals for shipment overseas, during which time the softer timbers were subject to the highly destructive attacks of teredo (ship worms) and rendered useless.
2 cf Spiraulax jollifei Torodinium teredo Foraminitera Cassidulinoidea Globocassidulina minuta (as Cassidu/ina minuta) Miliolida Amphisorus hemprichii Spiroloculina antillarum Sorites marginaiis Pseudohauerina occidenta/is (as Hauerina occidentalis) Quinqueloculina alabanensis Quinqueloculina candeiana Quinqueloculina sulcata Rotaliida Amphistegina lesson i Poroeponides lateralis Rotorbinella mira (as Discorbis mira) Ileterostegina depressa Tretomphalus bulloides Planorbulina acervalis Poroeponides lateralis Pileolina patelliformis Pileolina sp.
36) Presumably, Davis conflates two kinds of verminous threats: the dreaded shipworm, teredo navalis (actually a species of vermiform clam) that destroyed wood, and larvae from various insects that devastated food stores.
In [1] the performance of IPv6 tunneled traffic of Teredo and ISATAP in the test bed on Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems are compared.
Cobra was the name for a woodworm, the foul smelling edible teredo mollusc the Liverpool blacks favoured, and Mahroot was obviously alluding to the contempt the English shared when referring to the French taste for snails.
Xilophaga) y Teredinidae (generos Teredo, Bankia, Lvrodus, Psiloteredo y Nausitora).