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Noun1.teres major - teres muscle that moves the arm and rotates it medially
teres, teres muscle - either of two muscles in the shoulder region that move the shoulders and arms
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The latissimus dorsi muscle derives genetically from the same primordium muscle as the teres major, which originates as muscular band of cranial-caudal orientation found between the eleventh rib and the adjacent vertebra, and extending to the humerus, the latter being its primitive point of insertion (Orts Llorca, 1970; Haninec et al.).
Items on the tapas plate included carrot ginger soup, fried cauliflower with Cajun sauce, fried grit cake, coconut shrimp and Teres Major steak.
This case report documents an unusual injury involving latissimus dorsi tendon avulsion, with combined teres major injury, in a professional footballer and the conservative management approach utilised to rehabilitate him to full function and competition.
One such item was USDA Choice Teres Major Steaks, also known as shoulder petite tender, which can be sliced into beef medallions.
The iliopsoas muscle in the groin area is a common site of canine muscle injury, as is the teres major by the shoulder.
Isolated rupture of the teres major muscle is a rare condition; there is no real consensus in the literature on the treatment options, wavering between surgical and functional treatments, even though functional treatments seem to be a good option, with few risks.
These include the transfer of the trapezius, pectoralis major and teres major, latissimus dorsi, combined biceps and triceps, gracilis, and combined muscle transfers.
Fakat latissimus dorsi ve teres major kaslari bu islevlerin gerceklesmesine yardim ettiklerinden ekstra kas eksikligini kom- panse etmek mumkun olabilir.
Less severe lesions were seen in the tongue, temporal, diaphragm, psoas major and teres major muscles.
Reverse shoulder arthroplasty combined with a modified latissimus dorsi and teres major tendon transfer for shoulder pseudoparalysis associated with dropping arm.
For example, burgers are popular for tailgating, but Rogers suggests also promoting small roasts, such as teres major or coulotte.
The PHCA curves around the surgical neck of humerus to supply the shoulder joint, the deltoid (musculus deltoideus), the teres major, the teres minor and the long and lateral head of triceps.