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n. pl. ter·ga (-gə)
The dorsal portion of a body segment of an arthropod.

[Latin, back.]

ter′gal (-gəl) adj.
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Dorsal wall of trunk-armour embayed anteriorly to accommodate head; tergal angle situated far forward; anterior median dorsal plate with breadth/length index between 100 and 128; pectoral articulation subcephalic; funnel pit of processes brachialis in anterior ventro-lateral very small; pars pedalis under angle to longitudinal body axis.
6 tergal summer uniform pants representation, navy men: min.
Two medial tergal setae and two submedial tergal setae are on sternites 1-9.
In the Chinese female, the body is more nearly circular; the maxilliped's palp does not articulate, and its spur is much reduced; the first oostegite has a slightly more slender and longer posterolateral point, which is setose along its lateral margin; the posterior pereomeres bear tergal plates distinctly separated from the segments; and the lateral plates of the pleomeres are quite sharply pointed.
23 mm in length and width, bearing 2-4 moderately strong bristles; setae on membranous interspace between ventilator openings 3 and 5 more than two times as long as those on dorsal area of the abdomen; with 3 median tergal plates; basal papillae of bristles at sides and apex of abdomen less than 0.
These authors proposed a codification for several taxonomically informative characters that is adopted in this study; particularly, the anal tergal band (= Tergitebander of Bidawid & Fittkau, 1995), base of anal point (= Typen des Ventrallobus of Bidawid & Fittkau, 1995) and type of superior volsella (= Typen von Anhang I of Bidawid & Fittkau, 1995).
Segments 1-5 strongly sclerotized dorsally, anterotransverse carinae distinct, each prescutum with an additional anterior carina, numerous small sensilla with four longer hair-like sensilla, spiracles near each anterolateral tergal margin; AB6 strongly sclerotized dorsally, laterally, and ventrolateral; ventral membranous area narrow, spiracles opening laterally at or near the dorso-pleural line distant from obscure lateral margin of turgum, carinae and chaetotaxy as on segments 1-5; segment 7 completely sclerotized.
Shelley & Kiser (2000) gave the following diagnostic characters for this species: cephalic plate with complete longitudinal sutures; forcipular co-xosternite with transverse sulcus; first 7-10 antennomeres sparsely hirsute; first tergite with anterior transverse sulcus; tergal marginations beginning on tergites 4-5; and femora of most legs with one or more dorsoapical spurs.
There is a well sclerotised sclerite located ventrally to S8, which cannot be interpreted as anything but a tergal part.
Tambien penan Los Sapos, aquellos que se distinguian por sus atuendos de casimir barato y camisa blanca o rosada de tergal maloliente muy diferentes de los estudiantes, que llevaban morrales, gorros chilotes y poncho.
quadrifasciata anthidioides, widely known for their morphology of tergal bands (yellow stripes in the abdomen) (Moreto and Arias, 2005).