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He knew, as every one employed as he was did, that he was never safe; that flight was impossible; that he was tied fast under the shadow of the axe; and that in spite of his utmost tergiversation and treachery in furtherance of the reigning terror, a word might bring it down upon him.
Peel's late extraordinary tergiversation on the fatal Catholic Relief Bill, sat dumb amongst the ladies in the grand drawing-room, looking out upon velvet lawns, trim gravel walks, and glistening hot-houses.
in spite of the tergiversations which were endemic, and, it might be said, inevitable, at that period.
The marchande de mode who employed Adrienne was as rusee as a politician who had followed all the tergiversations of Gallic policy, since the year '89.
The act of telling is often implicated in the nefarious activities told, compounding rather than atoning for sin, resulting in tergiversation, digression, and qualification.
Our tax system depends upon self assessment and honesty, rather than upon hiding of the pea or forgetful tergiversation.
Allowing for changing personal opinions (Ronald Reagan, after all, began his political life as a Democrat) and given the ideological proximity of the respective elites in both major parties, such tergiversation is not entirely surprising.
The opposition leader added that AUPSC roadmap to facilitate the national dialogue was also killed by the tergiversation of the Sudanese government which has proven its lack of seriousness to achieve peace and reforms.
14: interrogatives tergiversation (contradictory, evasive or equivocal answers)
His tergiversation into a fish is also suggestive of both narcissistic love and homosexuality.
It is bad enough that you are trying to make political capital out of a family misfortune, but even more repellent is the self-serving assumption that underlies your tergiversation.
I saw exactly how it happened and why the tergiversation was inevitable: and how the one step involved all the others.