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 (tər-jĭv′ər-sāt′, tûr′jĭ-vər-)
intr.v. ter·giv·er·sat·ed, ter·giv·er·sat·ing, ter·giv·er·sates
1. To use evasions or ambiguities; equivocate.
2. To change sides; apostatize.

[Latin tergiversārī, tergiversāt- : tergum, the back + versāre, to turn; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

ter′gi·ver·sa′tion n.
ter′gi·ver·sa′tor (-sā′tər) n.
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Noun1.tergiversator - a respondent who avoids giving a clear direct answer
answerer, responder, respondent - someone who responds


A person who has defected:
Informal: rat.
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The minesweeper USS Leader (MSO 490) was equipped with an active acoustic simulator called "Tergiversator," developed by the Naval Underwater Sound Center in New London, Connecticut.
Seven devices were employed, including an updated version of Tergiversator; two SADSAC (Small Acoustic Device Simulating a Carrier) buoys, developed by the Naval Underwater Research and Development Center; and four NYVOs (Nymph's Voices), developed by Magnavox.