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n. pl. ter·ga (-gə)
The dorsal portion of a body segment of an arthropod.

[Latin, back.]

ter′gal (-gəl) adj.


n, pl -ga (-ɡə)
(Zoology) a cuticular plate covering the dorsal surface of a body segment of an arthropod. Compare sternum3
[C19: from Latin: the back]
ˈtergal adj


(ˈtɜr gəm)

n., pl. -ga (-gə).
the dorsal surface of a body segment of an arthropod.
[1820–30; < Latin: the back]
ter′gal, adj.
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2H-I): Tergum VIII trapezoidal; sternum VIII fused with tergum VIII; lamella antevaginalis present; papilla analis approx.
Yna ar ben y gramen, mae yna ddwy blat fechan arall, a'r ddwy hefo'i gilydd yn gwneud caead ar ben y gragen long - y tergum a'r scutum ydi'r enwau gwyddonol ar y rhain.
Apical margin of tergum 1 distinctly raised; apical margin of tertige 2 and 3 forming a conspicuously raised, thin lamella, which is separated from the segment by a deep groove.
Discussion: Species in this genus are distinguished based on characteristics of pronotum punctation and maculation, connexiva coloration, and characters related to male genitalia and medial lobes of the 8th abdominal tergum.
The reverse engineering technology was adopted to obtain the surface geometrical information of the head of wild boar and tergum of Mole cricket.
student Carrie Caulkins and Anderson School MBA students Peter Nicholson and Anthony Colasin for their plan for a company, named Tergum Therapeutics, that offers the first cure for degenerative disc disease.
Tergum of AB6 and AB8 bearing a mediandorsal tubercle; median-dorsal tubercle of AB8 longer than the median-dorsal tubercle of AB6.
Hemelytra" Clavus and corium fused into a coriaceous pad, meeting each other along midline for almost the entire length; hemelytral membrane reduced to small pads, reaching third or fourth abdominal tergum.
5x eye stalk diameter), vague granulated structure mesally on scutum, pruinose T-cross on scutum, large rounded apical wing spot, pale 'iridescent' subapical band between apical wing spot and central infuscation, slender front femora, whitish apical four tarsal segments of front leg, brown terga, trapezoid [female] sternum 7, [female] tergum 8 and sternum 8 single sclerites, wrinkled sausage-shaped spermathecae with small tubercles, ellipse-shaped to rounded epandrium, non-articulated surstyli in lateral and posterior view club-shaped (basally strongly constricted), and (probably) low sexual dimorphism in eye span (D ~ 1.
He diagnosed Mesoveliinae on absence of a prothoracic suture separating tergum and sternopleuron, and interpreted presence of such sutures in Madeovelia and Mesoveloidea as plesiomorphic, whereas their presence in Cryptovelia was considered a character reversal.