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Noun1.term of office - the term during which some position is held
term - a limited period of time; "a prison term"; "he left school before the end of term"
presidency, presidential term, administration - the tenure of a president; "things were quiet during the Eisenhower administration"
vice-presidency, vice-presidential term - the tenure of a vice president
episcopate - the term of office of a bishop
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Consequently, his whole term of office was wasted in quarrels with the Legislature.
Their term of office is six years, starting from 7 October 2018.
The Government of the Republic of Botswana wishes to express her concern regarding the disturbing trend, whereby some political leaders refuse to relinquish power when their term of Office expires.
The Supreme Court has stated that it would convey its decision on President Maithripala Sirisenas' term of office to the President.
Compagnie de Saint-Gobain SA (Paris:SGO) announced on Thursday that in preparation for the next General Shareholders' Meeting to be held on 7 June 2018, and based on the recommendation of the nomination and remuneration committee, the company's board of directors has unanimously decided at its meeting on 23 November 2017 to propose the renewal of the director's term of office of Pierre-AndrAaAaAeA@ de Chalendar for a peri of four years.
BOWLS NEW Erdington Court president David Mitchell marked his new term of office with a 102-79 win over the team of outdoor captain Peter Yates.
The bill envisages to bringing clarity to NSPP's functional domain, giving representation to provinces in Board of NSPP and reasonably cap the term of office of members of the Board.
The minister addressing a ceremony organized by the Ministry of Investment to honor the Saudi diplomat on the occasion of the expiry of his term of office in Khartoum, has appreciated the efforts exerted by the ambassador during his term of office in Sudan, to strengthen relations between the two countries and attract the Saudi investment to Sudan in the context of the initiative of the President of the Republic concerning the Arab Food Security .
The incumbent head of state, whose term of office expires in January and who has been at odds with Borisov over numerous issues this year, also commented: "Every interview of [Borisov] is [different], maybe we will hear something different in the next one, but what matters to me is that an attempt is being made in the heat of the presidential campaign to make sure citizens will not hear [any debate on] important issues.
The term of office of members of the boards or commissions charged with the management or control of all charitable, penal or correctional institutions and institutions of higher learning of the State of Arkansas, now in existence or hereafter created, shall be five years when the membership is five in number, seven years when the membership is seven in number, and ten years when the membership is ten in number.
July 10, 2015 (ADDIS ABABA) -- South Sudanese youth groups living in different countries around the world on Thursday called on president Salva Kiir to step aside following expiry of his term of office.
They should be reminded that when we speak of 'extension of term' for elective officials, it is tantamount to saying that there will be 'no election' for these officials and that their term of office will be merely 'extended,'" Macalintal said.