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One that serves a specified term: a second termer in the House of Representatives.


(Law) a variant spelling of termor


(ˈtɜr mər)

a person who is serving a term, esp. in prison (usu. used in combination): a first-termer.
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Noun1.termer - a person who serves a specified term; "there are not many fourth termers in the Senate"
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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The senior Bush, the father of George and Jeb, the former Florida governor, was a single termer being beaten soundly by Bill Clinton in 1992 in his attempt for the second term.
A self-proclaimed one termer, Polk embarked on a course to expand the United States.
There are no clear boundaries about who is a long termer and who is a short termer.
TABLE 2 Percentage Distribution of Maryland AFDC-TANF Caseload by Welfare Dependency Status and Cohort, Ages Nineteen to Twenty-Three Welfare Dependency Status (Percentage Distribution)(b) Cohort Long- Short- Cohort(a) Size Termer Termer Cycler 1985:2-1990:1 1,865 35 65 0 1986:2-1991:1 2,234 33 64 3 1987:2-1992:1 2,354 40 56 4 1988:2-1993:1 2,307 41 52 7 1989:2-1994:1 2,388 47 44 9 1990:2-1995:1 2,090 45 47 8 1991:2-1996:1 1,874 46 44 10 1992:2-1997:1 1,604 45 47 8 1993:2-1998:1 1,518 43 48 9 1994:2-1999:1 1,751 19 62 19 1995:2-2000:1 1,754 15 67 18 (a) Five-year observation period for women who were age nineteen in the year beginning with the first quarter indicated.
The Wisconsin senator had been a lazy and directionless first termer when a group of Catholic priests from Catholic and Georgetown Universities suggested to him that chasing communists would be a worthy cause, as well as politically profitable.
So, if this happens he would most likely be facing incumbent PBA Partylist Congressman Jerico 'Koko' Nograles who will possibly take the regular party slot that will be vacated by his last termer brother Karlo Alexis Nograles.
General Santos City Mayor Ronnel Rivera was reelected for his last term, but his running mate barangay chair Lorelie Pacquiao, the senator's sister-in-law, lost to lawyer Loreto Acharon, brother of last termer South Cotabato 1st district Re.
We have heard that young professional and already a successful entrepreneur Javier 'Javi' Garcia Campos, 25 years old and finishing his masters at the Ateneo de Davao University, is actively engaged in the activities of last termer aunt (or is it cousin?) Congresswoman Mylene Garcia-Albano.
Along with Barney, another long termer, Spikey was also offered a home by another family.
Damian Kelly, employment law partner at Eversheds in Birmingham, said: "If employers do not want to put a fixed termer on to a permanent contract, the motivation for this decision must take into account the needs of both the business and the worker.