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Noun1.terminal leave - final leave before discharge from military service
leave, leave of absence - the period of time during which you are absent from work or duty; "a ten day's leave to visit his mother"
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By DAVID MUCHUIbrEducation Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed has sent Meru University Vice Chancellor Japheth Magambo on terminal leave pending expiry of his term in June.
Meru University Vice Chancellor Japheth Magambo has been sent on terminal leave following the killing of student leader Evans Njoroge.
The new managing director will succeed Gichiri Ndua who was sent on terminal leave on February 9, pending expiry of his contract on July 31.
The court found that Tiongco had signed and approved the payment and release of the terminal leave benefits of Estacio who retired in April 2006, amounting to P1.
Active duty service members separating from service or starting terminal leave by March 1, 2015, are also eligible, as are National Guard and Reserve component service-members who can receive permission to dedicate the time it takes to fulfill recording, promotional and performance obligations for the group.
In another case, a Marine corporal on terminal leave was traveling with another motorcyclist after leaving his civilian job.
Rules governing conduct starting with negotiations while a federal employee and running through terminal leave to actual private sector employment must be understood both by the acquiring company and the employee.
But the reason there is confusion there, is the last year one is on terminal leave, you have both your terminal leave and you have also your pension, so I suppose that '74 is right.
lean Dwight, a cryptologic linguist with the 93rd Intelligence Squadron at Lackland, had all her paperwork signed and approved months ago, but she realized she made a mistake in waiting until two months before her terminal leave to start the rest of the process.
He said he would be leaving his post long before August, due to accumulated terminal leave, and had hoped to depart the Air Force and chaplaincy service as quietly as he had entered.
Colonel Williams is on terminal leave with a retirement date of February 1, 2004.

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