terminal point

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Noun1.terminal point - final or latest limiting point
end, ending - the point in time at which something ends; "the end of the year"; "the ending of warranty period"
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We began with a single Point, which of course -- being itself a Point -- has only ONE terminal Point.
One Point produces a Line with TWO terminal Points.
One Line produces a Square with FOUR terminal Points.
The one Square produces a SOMETHING-WHICH- YOU-DO-NOT-AS-YET-KNOW-A-NAME-FOR-BUT-WHICH-WE-CALL-A-CUBE with EIGHT terminal Points. Now are you convinced?
And has this Creature sides, as well as angles or what you call "terminal Points"?
The incubator, as it proved, was the terminal point of our journey this day, and, as the entire cavalcade broke into a mad gallop as soon as we reached the level expanse of sea bottom, we were soon within sight of our goal.
Three terminal points will be Lower Terminal Point (LTP) at Anandpur Sahib, Intermediate Terminal Point (ITP) at Toba and Upper Terminal Point (UTP) at Naina Devi.
The Baycar service 6 will start and end at the terminal point on Customhouse Street (stop JG) only and will not serve the city centre loop or rear of Cardiff Central Railway Station from the time the roads close until the end of service.
"Aquino is nearly at the terminal point of his six-year tenure and as it is his prerogative to appoint new presidential adviser on OFW affairs, we, the OFWs, have nothing to expect but continued government lip service and neglect," Monterona said.
It's going to be a very gradual journey, stop-go, very shallow path, and a terminal point well below the average."
Envisioned as a trilateral pipeline with India as a terminal point, the project has not yet been accomplished due to the Pakistani government's apparent lack of resolve.
At the same time, his reliance on the Protestant Reformation as a terminal point exaggerates both its influence and theological homogeneity, thereby underrating the critical work of Renaissance authors who foreshadowed the emergence of the Bollandists.