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Serving, designed, or tending to terminate; conclusive.

ter′mi·na′tive·ly adv.
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Adj.1.terminative - coming to an end; "a contract terminative with the end of the war"
closing - final or ending; "the closing stages of the election"; "the closing weeks of the year"; "the closing scene of the film"; "closing remarks"
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302-38), especially regarding the terminative, locative, and possible absolute forms, see now Hasselbach 2013.
The first group is represented by Southern Udmurt dialects: in many of them the approximative and the terminative cases have been or are being replaced by PPs ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1998a: 117-118), apparently due to their low frequency.
ii) What we also leave out of consideration here are adpositions and case markers that can be called terminative or limitative and that involve the continuation of an activity or motion up to a certain point, as in English until and French jusqu a (Beavers 2008; Beavers et al.
This process is therefore not particularly noteworthy, because among other things it occur regularly in the formation of genitive, instrumental, and terminative.
Abbreviations 1, 2, 3 first, second, third person ABE abessive ADE adessive ADJ adjective ALL allative CLC clitic COM comitative COND conditional dINF da-infinitive EL elative ESS essive FEM female GEN genetive GER gerund ILL illative IMP imperative IMPS impersonal INE inessive JUSS jussive mINF ma-infinitive NEG negation marker PL plural POSTP postposition PRCL particle PRS present PRTV partitive PST simple past PRTCP presnt participle PTCP past participle Q question marker QUOT quotative SG singular TRM terminative TRNSL translative
These observations were provided under temperature increasing 3 [degrees]C/min, up to the requested temperature 200 [degrees]C, terminative resistor 4 MQ and at frequency alternating voltage 1 kHz.
Wallace remarks: "Much of the difficulty with teleology in nature arises from conceiving all final causality as intentional or cognitive and not sufficiently distinguishing the cognitive from the terminative and the perfective.
The word terminative is Latin, an adverb meaning "terminatively.
Although the Court had previously considered the common law in assessing the reasonableness of a police officer shooting a fleeing felon, (109) the Vernonia Court declared that the common law should be not just a mere consideration but potentially outcome de terminative where a clear common-law rule exists.
The shape of the postposition d'ieri (Standard Yakut [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) which encodes a terminative spatial reading 'until' is surprisingly close, too.
Durative progressive is available for the stative verbs, but not for the semelfactive and totally terminative verbs: [[[[STEM.
1997) and Basque (Hualde and de Urbina 2003) where there is a special Terminative marker (meaning 'up to') and a "regular" Allative marker (meaning 'to').