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Serving, designed, or tending to terminate; conclusive.

ter′mi·na′tive·ly adv.


in a finalizing manner
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"Oh--ay, as a lad I knowed your part o' the country very well," he said terminatively. "Though I've never been there since.
This is to indicate a distinction from "nature" (Natur) which would designate the same person without the supernatural end but with a purely natural end, in other words, a concrete instance of "pure nature." The word terminative is Latin, an adverb meaning "terminatively." In other words, in Rahner's understanding the existential is a definitive determinant of a concrete human nature.
In my perspective, therefore, the three outcomes of the single action of the Father in the Holy Spirit are distinct from each other in the following way: the creation is really distinct from the sanctification, but the sanctification is only virtually distinct from the union understood terminatively, as the outcome of sanctification.