terminus ad quem

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ter·mi·nus ad quem

 (tĕr′mĭ-no͝os′ äd kwĕm′, tûr′mə-nəs ăd)
1. A goal or finishing point.
2. A final limiting point in time: The date of the author's death was the only terminus ad quem for the manuscript.

[Latin, limit to which.]

terminus ad quem

(ˈtɜːmɪˌnʊs æd ˈkwɛm)
the aim or terminal point
[literally: the end to which]
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Noun1.terminus ad quem - final or latest limiting point
end, ending - the point in time at which something ends; "the end of the year"; "the ending of warranty period"
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Al escoger este lapso de tres anos, precisemos que el terminus a quo es la eleccion controvertida a la Presidencia de los Estados Unidos de Mexico de Enrique Pena Nieto con el terminus ad quem que no es mas que la actualidad.
s terminus ad quem coincides with the beginning of Vatican Council II in 1962.
Professor Murphy has confined his own contribution to a brief account of the nineteenth-century Irish novel (a subject on which he had recently published a comprehensive account) (chapter 34), and to the introduction in which he offers the only partly convincing explanation that 1891 was chosen as the volume's terminus ad quem because it signals 'the beginnings of a new focus on cultural nationalism in both the Irish and English languages' (p.
if its terminus a quo and terminus ad quem are not dissimilar, then it is impossible to characterize it as an assimilation.
The terminus ad quem, 1660, logically enough is the arrival of Charles II into his restored kingdom when England was "poised to lead the world in the design of gardens" (2).
Burrow marks the date of the Regiment as the terminus ad quem for the marriage because Hoccleve there says that he has married, having waited long for a benefice and not received one (lines 1447-56).
trade embargo, and the loss of Soviet subsidies" (11), while Sweig's brief essay underscores the transitional nature of life in Cuba, a period that stretches from the loss of Soviet subsidies to the present; one may understand that the terminus ad quem would be the lifting of the U.
Most of the previously unpublished ones come from two notebooks, dated terminus ad quem 1939 and 1946.
In 62 CE, however, as reported by Josephus, the killing of James, brother of Jesus, in Jerusalem probably marked a terminus ad quem after which Rome recognized the conflict at least between Sadducees and Christians.
One might regret that Hugon did not discuss the date of the manuscript itself, which--provided that it would have been possible to come up with a terminus ad quem, even an approximate one--could help to give an idea about the period in which the work still generated interest among Tibetan scholars.
The creative imagination is the Chaos terminus a quo and the World(s) is the terminus ad quem, the polar character of which sets the permeable bounds to meaning and existence.
Le terminus ad quem : le symbole de la reussite, la croissance, reposant desormais sur la conception d'un << homme moyen >> pense par Quetelet et nous ouvrant a l'univers de la statistique.