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1. Having no bounds or limits; unending: termless suffering.
2. Unconditional: termless surrender.


1. without limit or boundary
2. unconditional
3. an archaic word for indescribable


(ˈtɜrm lɪs)

1. not limited; unconditional.
2. endless.
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Last week, approximately 1 200 workers of Poti port announced termless strike with the demand to increase wages.
The so-called termless deposits, saving accounts, child savings and current accounts are not taxed.
If our demands are not met until September 30, 2013, we will begin termless protests throughout Kyrgyzstan," representative of the young people of Saruu village, Jeti-Oguz district Kairat Kachaganov said on September 24 at a press conference at AKIpress.
Under present arrangements, these funds available for global purposes would in effect be available for spending or transfer as termless loans at standard (Treasury-Bill-type) short-term interest rates, rather than as grants.
It has a provision saying the agreement is termless and is not subject to denunciation," he said.
Candidate for president, the leader of "Radio Hay", Andreas Ghukasyan, declared a termless hunger strike on 21 January.
The company is expected to receive a termless general license.
It has the provision saying the law is termless and is not subject to denunciation.
Saving accounts, payment accounts, termless deposits, mixed deposits and investments funds feature among the legal alternatives banks offer so that this tax can be reduced or avoided.
Nine women went on a termless hunger strike at the central square of Jalal-Abad city on October 8 to support arrested MP Kamchybek Tashiev (Ata Jurt).