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 (tər-nä′tā, tĕr-nä′tĕ)
An island of eastern Indonesia in the northern Moluccas east of northeast Sulawesi. Settled by the Portuguese (1522-1574), it was subjugated by the Dutch in 1683.


 (tûr′nāt′, -nĭt)
Arranged in or consisting of sets or groups of three, as a compound leaf with three leaflets.

[New Latin ternātus, from Medieval Latin, past participle of ternāre, treble, from Latin ternī, three each; see tern2.]

ter′nate′ly adv.


(ˈtɜːnɪt; -neɪt)
1. (Botany) (esp of a leaf) consisting of three leaflets or other parts
2. (Botany) (esp of plants) having groups of three members
[C18: from New Latin ternātus, from Medieval Latin ternāre to increase threefold]
ˈternately adv


(ˈtɜr nɪt, -neɪt)

arranged in or consisting of threes, as a compound leaf.
[1745–55; < New Latin ternātus]
ter′nate•ly, adv.


(tərˈnɑ ti, -teɪ)

an island in E Indonesia, W of Halmahera. 53 sq. mi. (137 sq. km).
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Adj.1.ternate - (of a leaf shape) consisting of three leaflets or sections
compound - composed of more than one part; "compound leaves are composed of several lobes; "compound flower heads"
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With favoring winds it is wafted past the site of the fabulous islands of Atlantis and the Hesperides, makes the periplus of Hanno, and, floating by Ternate and Tidore and the mouth of the Persian Gulf, melts in the tropic gales of the Indian seas, and is landed in ports of which Alexander only heard the names.
As when farr off at Sea a Fleet descri'd Hangs in the Clouds, by AEQUINOCTIAL Winds Close sailing from BENGALA, or the Iles Of TERNATE and TIDORE, whence Merchants bring Thir spicie Drugs: they on the trading Flood Through the wide ETHIOPIAN to the Cape Ply stemming nightly toward the Pole.
It was an impressive effort for both Morales and Oranza as they dominated what race officials consider as a 'killer stage' after negotiating mountain passes in Kaybiang Tunnel that connects Ternate, Cavite and Nasugbu, Batangas, and Leynes in Talisay.
Angres Acop Cosalan Road; HBN 5001 renaming Governor's Drive in Bian, Laguna and Ternate, Cavite as Juanito R.
One of her favorites is the signature Taza salad with quinoa, wild arugula, fresh romaine, micro-greens, beets, mangoes and blue ternate flowers for aplomb.
on Thursday and was brought to a resort inBarangay Bucana in Ternate.
The 6th district is currently composed of the cities of General Trias, Trece Martires and municipalities of Tanza and Amadeo while the 7thdistrict comprises Tagaytay City and the municipalities of Alfonso, General Emilio Aguinaldo, Indang, Magallanes, Maragondon, Mendez-Nunez, Naic and Ternate.
An Australian soldier (right) supervises as a Philippine Marine aims at targets during the Military Operation Urbanised Terrain (MOUTH) training exercises at the marine base in Ternate, Cavite province, southwest of Manila, yesterday.
Matelieff's writings yield informative glimpses into the structures and dynamics of Southeast Asian polities, most significantly with reference to Johor, Banten (Bantam), Jayakerta (Jacatra, today's Jakarta), Banda and Ternate.
Caption:--CNS/EPS/Andre Adrian A solar eclipse is seen in Ternate, Indonesia, March 9, 2016.
6 situates Ambon Malay where Ternate Malay is spoken (see Litamahuputty 2012).