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A polymer that consists of three distinct monomers.

[Latin ter, thrice; see trei- in Indo-European roots + polymer.]


(Chemistry) chem a chemical compound composed of three additional chemical compounds


(tərˈpɒl ə mər)

a polymer consisting of three different monomers, as the resin ABS.
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To the best of our knowledge, there are no published works about the synthesis of AAm-AMPSNa-VP terpolymer via inverse emulsion polymerization; therefore, the main purpose of this work is to determine the conditions to obtain an inverse emulsion for the synthesis of a stable terpolymer at harsh oil reservoir conditions, with potential application in enhanced oil recovery processes as viscosity control agent and polymeric precursor for in situ gel forming, for water mobility control, and flow diversification.
Specifications: BRAKE HOSE DN 13 - operating pressure 10 MPa - inside diameter 13 mm - outer diameter 24 mm - outer material synthetic terpolymer - outer material isoprene rubber - reinforcement synthetic yarn MINI HOSE CLIP - buckle material - galvanized steel (W1) 23-25mm - tape width min.
The topics include the dependence of granular matrix demagnetizing factor on the matrix relative size, water-resistant material from fiber and acrylc emulsion terpolymer, measuring the thermo-radiation characteristics of infrared window materials, comparing optical and scintillation images obtained by using a fiber-optic beta/gamma imaging detector, and a dual-sequenced real coded genetic algorithm for picking process optimization.
In the photo-crosslinking studies of terpolymer 1, immediately after each irradiation time intervals, the absorbance change at 345 nm was monitored.
Terpolymer resins having good thermal stability have enhanced the scope for development of some polymeric materials.
Polyketone (PK) is a terpolymer derived from polymerization of monomers of carbon monoxide, ethylene, and propylene.
The Armaflex LTD cryogenic insulation materials utilise a completely new diene terpolymer where a much lower glass transition point has been achieved.
The company's new V75J peroxide-cured, terpolymer FKM uses "innovative filler combinations" to improve its strength which enables litharge curatives to be dropped for environmental reasons.
Advanced Materials Silicones introduced Silsoft Q cationic amino quaternized silicone terpolymer.
Scientists at the NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) and the Department of Surgery at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, are using phase-sensitive neutron reflectometry to characterize the structure of a medically relevant membrane-mimetic system composed of a polyelectrolyte cushion, a terpolymer, and a self-assembled phospholipid monolayer.
Principal component of the compound is DuPont Dow Elastomers' VITON GE terpolymer, an elastomer well known for its extraordinary performan ce characteristics in harsh service environments.
An increase in green strength, improved dimensional stability, reduced cold flow and enhanced elastic behaviour constitute the main advantages of the terpolymer over butyl rubber.