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A polymer that consists of three distinct monomers.

[Latin ter, thrice; see trei- in Indo-European roots + polymer.]
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(Chemistry) chem a chemical compound composed of three additional chemical compounds
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(tərˈpɒl ə mər)

a polymer consisting of three different monomers, as the resin ABS.
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To further improve the low temperature properties, HNBR terpolymers with low [T.sub.g] have been introduced (ref.
The investments will support growth of the Packaging & Specialty Plastics (P&SP) business in the Materials Science division (to be named Dow), as well as the Transportation 8< Advanced Polymers (T&AP) business of the Specialty Products division (to be named DuPont), The added capacity is expected to come online in several phases starting in 2020 and will enable both divisions to meet growing demand for Surlyn ionomers used in applications like high-end cosmetics packaging; Fusabond ethylene copolymers with anhydride functionality used as coupling agents for applications such as PE/wood composites; Nucrel acid copolymers used as tie layers; and Vamac ethylene acrylic elastomer terpolymers used in high-temperature automotive engine and transmission seals.
In addition, effect of different functionalized terpolymers on further enhancing the properties of the ternary blend was compared.
Spectral and thermal properties, the photo-crosslinking behaviors and dielectrical and electrical properties of the terpolymers and the composites were investigated.
Extensive research work has been carried out on the synthesis, characterization, and stability of different terpolymers by various researchers [27-29].
The maleic anhydride functionality in these XERAN copolymers and terpolymers makes them extremely suitable as a compatibiliser and coupling agent in many applications.
The terpolymer metal complexes have been prepared using the synthesized terpolymers as ligand with few transition metal ions such as [Cu.sup.2+], [Ni.sup.2+], and [Zn.sup.2+] ions.
The terpolymers are designed to meet the needs of Indian coatings producers for cost efficiency and high performance.
Lotader acrylate-based ethylene terpolymers are used around the world as impact modifiers in the processing of technical polymers such as polyamides, thermoplastic polyesters (PET, PBT), and polycarbonate, Arkema says.
Their strategy is to establish optimum regulatory control at their Mendoza facility, producing 120,000 tons/year homopolymers, impact copolymers, random copolymers, terpolymers and special polyolefins, which is essential for providing consistent, safe process operations and securing economic benefits.
The second layer is free of polybutylene and is formed predominantly of polymers selected from the group consisting of propylene-ethylene copolymers, ethylene-propylene-butene-1 terpolymers and propylene-butene-1 copolymers.
Their topics include characterizing associative properties of amphiphilic polyelectrolytes and their self-assembled nanostructures in water, water-soluble copolymers and terpolymers of synthetic polyzwitterions, the controlled synthesis of polymers with ionic or ionizable groups using atom transfer radical polymerization, and applications of polyelectrolytes in aqueous media.