terra cotta

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ter·ra cot·ta

or ter·ra·cot·ta or ter·ra-cot·ta  (tĕr′ə-kŏt′ə)
a. A hard semifired waterproof ceramic clay used in pottery and building construction.
b. Ceramic wares made of this material.
2. A brownish orange.

[Italian : terra, earth (from Latin; see terrace) + cotta, baked, cooked (from Latin cocta, feminine past participle of coquere, to cook; see pekw- in Indo-European roots).]
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ter′ra cot′ta

(ˈkɒt ə)
n., pl. terra cot•tas.
1. a hard, brownish red fired clay, usu. unglazed, that is used for architectural ornaments, pottery, and as a material for sculpture.
2. something made of terra cotta.
[1715–25; < Italian: literally, baked earth < Latin terra cōcta]
ter′ra-cot′ta, adj.
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Noun1.terra cotta - a hard unglazed brownish-red earthenwareterra cotta - a hard unglazed brownish-red earthenware
earthenware - ceramic ware made of porous clay fired at low heat
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Architectural terra cotta, a precast kiln-fired clay material, worked by artists and forged by science, created the unique sheen, colours and crisp detail that distinguished this structure.
Doyle, and is notable for being the first of many white glazed terra cotta structures to be erected in Portland.
The painstaking process required cleaning the building's entire facade with low-pressure water blasts, and then the careful patching, re-glazing and replacement regimen to restore the original appearance of the terra cotta veneer.
Terra Cotta Inn would be the first and they are still the trend setters in the naturist travel industry.
The Mail used a big picture of me with a speech bubble saying: "It's great to be back on terra cotta." They claim I said it after a stormy flight.
Supplies Needed: Lace, Glue, Scissors, Terra Cotta Pots, Plants.
Garth shut the greenhouse door behind him and took a deep breath of humid air smelling of rotting wood shelves, terra cotta pots, and potting mix.
My first day in Bishnupur begins with a sumptuous roadside poori-bhaji breakfast, followed by a visit to the elegant Ras Mancha, a signature red-brick and terra cotta pavilion dating back to around 1600 AD.
His material, terra cotta, symbolizes land and home that are both history and a quickly gentrifying present.
In order to harmonize with the rest of the School of Medicine, the design is a contemporary reinterpretation of the campus vernacular, drawing on stone, terra cotta, glass, and wood, and incorporating generous roof eaves and deep arcades.
Jaipur, Aug.13 (ANI): Ttraditional potters in Rajasthan are finding it difficult to earn their living, owing to an inflow of terra cotta pottery from other states at a much cheaper price.