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tr.v. ter·ra·formed, ter·ra·form·ing, ter·ra·forms
To transform (a landscape) on another planet into one having the characteristics of landscapes on Earth.

[Latin terra, earth; see terrace + form.]


vb (tr)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) science fiction to alter a planet for the purpose of sustaining life


(ˈtɛr əˌfɔrm)

to alter the environment of (a celestial body) in order to make capable of supporting terrestrial life forms.
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10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Attorney Advertising -- Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman, LLC reminds investors that a class action lawsuit has been filed against TerraForm Global, Inc.
American renewable energy giant SunEdison has cancelled earlier announced deals by its yieldco TerraForm Global, which involved the purchase of 2.
From a financial perspective, the Dominion partnership demonstrates the quality of our project and provides SunEdison and TerraForm Power with a complete solution for the construction and permanent financing of this 420 MW solar facility," says Paul Gaynor, executive vice president of SunEdison EMEA & Americas.
The most recent two -- SunRun and TerraForm Global -- are both trading more than 20 per cent below their IPO prices.
SunEdison to acquire Vivint Solar, to drop down 523 MW rooftop solar portfolio to TerraForm Power
TerraForm has secured fully committed bridge financing of up to $515 million to support the transaction.
RANDY VANWARMER Remasters (Edsel) * TWO double-album CDs by American singer-songwriter Randy Vanwarmer gather together his LPs Warmer, Terraform, Beat Of Love and The Things That You Dream.
An effort to terraform Mars, Sparrow asserted, "demonstrates two serious defects of moral character: an aesthetic insensitivity and the sin of hubris.
Nasa scientists have calculated that injecting powerful greenhouse gases into the Martian atmosphere would terraform the planet.
In connection with the amendment of the merger agreement, SunEdison and TerraForm Power, LLC ("TerraForm Power") have amended and restated their existing purchase agreement (the "Amended TERP Purchase Agreement") to provide that concurrently with the completion of SunEdison's acquisition of Vivint Solar, TerraForm Power will acquire Vivint Solar's then-installed rooftop solar portfolio for a purchase price expected to be approximately $799 million based on the number of installed megawatts ("MW") expected to be delivered at closing, subject to reduction based on any solar portfolio debt assumed by TerraForm Power.
TerraForm Global has purchased from Renova Energia 2 wind energy ventures in Brazil evaluating to 294MW.
NYSE: SUNE) today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, TerraForm Global, Inc.