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also ter·rain  (tə-rān′, tĕr′ān)
1. A series of related rock formations.
2. An area having a preponderance of a particular rock or rock groups.

[Alteration of terrain.]


(ˈtɛreɪn) or


1. (Geological Science) a series of rock formations, esp one having a prevalent type of rock
2. (Geological Science) an allochthonous, fault-bounded section of the earth's crust
[C19: see terrain]


or ter•rain

(təˈreɪn, ˈtɛr eɪn)

a distinctive geologic formation or group of rocks or the area in which such features occur.
[1815–25; sp. variant of terrain]
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- September 5, 2019) - OSPREY GOLD DEVELOPMENT LTD.0x20(TSXV: OS) (OTCQB: OSSPF) (the "Company" or "Osprey") is pleased to announce it has completed a high-resolution unmanned aerial vehicle ("UAV") magnetic geophysical survey over the Goldenville Gold Project ("Goldenville") in Nova Scotia, located within the Meguma Terrane which hosts St.
The Uniacke Gold Property is located near the centre of the Meguma terrane, a wedge of metasediments up to 120 kilometers wide extending for 480 km, the length of Nova Scotia.
Both ELs are in the same geological terrane as existing World Class and/or major mines such as Ok Tedi and Porgera.
The Company's project tenements are largely confined to the Eastern Goldfields Granite Greenstone Terrane (EGGGT) immediately east of the Ida Shear which forms the boundary with the Southern Cross Granite Greenstone Terrane (SCGGT) to the west.
Tucano is part of an approximate 2,500 square kilometre land package which is highly prospective and located in the under-explored 'Birimian age' greenstone terrane.
According to the previous studies on the adakitic rock in the southern Tibetan region during Miocene, the partial melting of the thickened mafic crust is likely to be caused by the delamination of the lithosphere of the Lhasa terrane.
Thirteen exterior colors are available on the UX, including three new unique colors-- Blazing Carnelian, Terrane Khaki, and Celestial Blue.
Its Tucano mine is located on an approximate 2,500-[km.sup.2] land package in under-explored, Birimian-age greenstone terrane. Production in 2018 is forecast at 130,000 ounces (oz) of gold, increasing to 169,000 oz in 2019 following completion of a processing plant expansion.
Exploration by trenching and sampling is an important, cost-effective method for identification of drill targets in saprolite terrane. Phase One of a multi-phase exploration program is currently underway at Marudi.
Bill's thesis was a study of the stratigraphy and structure of a Paleozoic terrane in northern Nevada.
Several studies beginning in the 1960s and 1970s showed that the pre-Silurian Bronson Hill-Boundary Mountains terrane had shed sediment southeastward into the basin starting in Late Ordovician time and proposed a proximal-to-distal facies transition extending from western Maine to the Waterville area of central Maine (Osberg et al.