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 (tə-răz′ō, tĕ-rät′sō)
A flooring material of marble or stone chips set in mortar and polished when dry.

[Italian, perhaps from Old Provençal terrassa, terrace; see terrace.]


(Building) a floor or wall finish made by setting marble or other stone chips into a layer of mortar and polishing the surface
[C20: from Italian: terrace]


(təˈrɑ tsoʊ, -ˈræz oʊ)

a mosaic flooring or paving composed of chips of broken stone, usu. marble, and cement.
[1895–1900; < Italian: balcony, terraced or flat roof < Vulgar Latin *terrāceus]


[teˈrætsəʊ] Nterrazo m


nTerrazzo m
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Why not opt for a black and white stripe vase in your lounge, or a terrazzo tealight holder on your kitchen window sill.
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Terms of the transaction, which is expected to be accretive to earnings within one year, were not disclosed.Key Resin manufactures and markets terrazzo and resinous flooring, wall coating systems, concrete repair materials and maintenance products for industrial, institutional and commercial applications.
"There have been so many gems found in the process - from terrazzo flooring to stained glass.
-- founded in 1942 by pioneering Egyptian industrialist Ibrahim Abdel Hafiz -- is one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality cement and terrazzo tiles in Egypt and the region.
White cement terrazzo combines the lasting beauty of marble with the strength and durability of concrete, according to India-based leading cement company, JK Cement.
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