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1. Of or relating to the earth or its inhabitants.
2. Biology Living or growing on land or on or in the ground; not aquatic, arboreal, or epiphytic: terrestrial mammals; terrestrial apes; terrestrial orchids.
3. Astronomy Similar to the planet earth in size or composition: terrestrial planets.
4. Transmitted from structures on the earth and not involving satellites: terrestrial radio.
5. Archaic Of or relating to the earth rather than heaven.
An inhabitant of the earth.

[Middle English, from Latin terrestris, from terra, earth; see ters- in Indo-European roots.]

ter·res′tri·al·ly adv.
ter·res′tri·al·ness n.
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Adv.1.terrestrially - in a worldly manner; "terrestrially changeable"
2.terrestrially - to a land environment; "terrestrially adapted"
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To this end, the subsea part of GBI's cable ends in Sicily and then continues terrestrially via a "diversified" fibre route to Milan, and then on to the rest of Europe using the latest technology and 100Gb backhaul.
Of all the terrestrially based remotely operated systems, RPAs currently make up the preponderance of those systems distributed across significant distances--that is, outside the immediate area of responsibility.
Even when the species grow terrestrially, they form giant clumps that may block large areas of forest with true "leaf-walls" and hide their inflorescences, which in the less showy ones are barely elevated above the leaf rosette.
The transmitters have been deployed across multiple Saudi TV and Radio facilities to allow for the broadcast of audio and TV programs terrestrially throughout the country.
Spain's latest results from Sogecable show it has some 2.1 million subs, of which 1.6 million view the merged Digital+; the remaining 500,000 watch terrestrially distributed Canal+.
A Terrestrially, from transmitters located in Wales on the ITV Digital system.
Biomass and nutrient dynamics of fine litter of terrestrially rooted material in a neotropical montane forest, Costa Rica.
Most terrestrially breeding frogs have eggs greater than 3 mm in diameter, more than 10 times the volume of the 1.3-mm egg of Xenopus laevis, the current model for frog development.
Sceloporus undulatus belli, with its relatively large size, cross-barred females, usually unspotted males, almost complete lack of ventral markings in females, the light gular semeions with their unique fusion of the blue components in mature males, and its terrestrially cursorial habits and habitat, fits with none of the other exerges.
A cursory look at satellite rights like RAI Sat or TVE International, shows that programming schedules are a mix of programs previously transmitted terrestrially.
Amhara TV is an important part of the developing media landscape in Ethiopia, and will be available both terrestrially and via the Nilesat free-to-air satellite service.