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1. Very good or fine; splendid: a terrific tennis player.
2. Awesome; astounding: drove at a terrific rate of speed.
3. Causing terror or great fear; terrifying: a terrific wail.
4. Very bad or unpleasant; frightful: a terrific headache.

[Latin terrificus : terrēre, to frighten + -ficus, -fic.]

ter·rif′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.terrifically - (used as an intensifier) extremely wellterrifically - (used as an intensifier) extremely well; "her voice is superbly disciplined"; "the colors changed wondrously slowly"
intensifier, intensive - a modifier that has little meaning except to intensify the meaning it modifies; "`up' in `finished up' is an intensifier"; "`honestly' in `I honestly don't know' is an intensifier"
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جِدا، بصورةٍ عَظيمَه
dehşetli biçimde


[təˈrɪfɪkəlɪ] ADV
1. (= extremely) → terriblemente
it's a terrifically funny bookes un libro graciosísimo or terriblemente gracioso
it was terrifically hothacía un calor terrible or tremendo
house prices have gone up terrificallylas casas han subido terriblemente de precio
we get on terrifically wellnos llevamos estupendamente bien
they did terrifically well to reach the finalfue un tremendo logro que llegasen a la final
2. (= very well) [play, perform] → fenomenal, genial
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adv (inf: = very) → unheimlich (inf); (= very well)unheimlich (gut) (inf); the party went terrificallydie Party war klasse (inf)
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(ˈterifai) verb
to make very frightened. She was terrified by his appearance.
terrific (təˈrifik) adjective
1. marvellous; wonderful. a terrific party.
2. very great, powerful etc. He gave the ball a terrific kick.
terrifically (təˈrifikəli) adverb
very (much). She enjoyed herself terrifically.
ˈterrified adjective
The terrified little girl screamed.
ˈterrifying adjective
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References in classic literature ?
If in the front and the key-truck of chaos, he entered terrifically into the quarrel that was raging to and fro among the drivers on their high seats, and sometimes roared oaths and violently got himself arrested.
Wopsle finished off with a most terrifically snarling passage from Richard the Third, and seemed to think he had done quite enough to account for it when he added, - "as the poet says."
An Englishman performs some terrifically heroic exploit, and is very modest and reserved--refuses to talk about it at all--and the effect is that by his silence he as much as says, 'I do things like this every day.
My dreams were terrifically disturbed by visions of the Angel of the Odd.
Far down there in the orchestra circle was the one woman in all the world, so different, so terrifically different, from these two girls of his class, that he could feel for them only pity and sorrow.
His body exploded abruptly and terrifically in one instant, and on the next instant was relaxed.
A few direct and pertinent enquiries served to obtain the little additional information that was necessary, in order to make the contemplated movement, and then Ishmael, who was, on emergencies, as terrifically energetic, as he was sluggish in common, set about effecting his object without delay.
Notwithstanding terrifically wide sweep (some thirty feet or more) and the its hissing vigor of its descent, sufficient to sunder these very walls of iron, still the fraying of my robe would be all that, for several minutes, it would accomplish.
Instead of firing, I piled some more wood upon the fire, and as the smoke and blaze arose in the beast's face, it backed away, growling most frightfully; but I still could see two ugly points of light blazing in the outer darkness and hear its growls rumbling terrifically without.
Seizing the bars of his prison, he shook them frantically, and all the while he roared and growled terrifically. The blacks were elated, for while they had not built their trap for this hairy tree man, they were delighted with their catch.
Then, he finished ruling the work he had in hand (it might have been illuminating a missal, he was so calm), in a very neat and methodical manner, showing not the slightest consciousness of the woman who was banging herself with increased violence, and shrieking most terrifically for some other woman's liver.
This was the sort of thing that made my terrifically whiskered mate tap his forehead with his forefinger.