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Noun1.territorialisation - the act of organizing as a territory
organisation, organization - the activity or result of distributing or disposing persons or things properly or methodically; "his organization of the work force was very efficient"
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Les parlementaires pourraient ainsi jouer un role dans l'integration de ces efforts locaux a l'ensemble des politiques publiques nationales qui gagneraient en efficacite par leur territorialisation.
Third, I draw upon archival sources to investigate the effects of these and similar discourses in Kenya Colony, which involved the dispossession of Dorobo communities amidst an overarching stratification and territorialisation of land and ecosystems into spaces for settlers, natives, and nature.
Against the continual territorialisation of doctoral supervision by normalised practices that reassert supervisor/student dualisms, we trace the deterritorialising effects of collaborative writing that intervenes to open up ways of inhabiting the 'in-between' spaces.
Integration and fragmentation, globalization and territorialisation are mutually complementary processes; more precisely still, two sides of the same process: that of world-wide redistribution of sovereignty, power, freedom to act.
To name a few contentious areas, the territorialisation by Chinese enterprises via so-called 'land grabs' or land concessions to create different types of zoning or 'spaces of exception', the growing influence of new state-supported Chinese immigrants (xin yi ming), and China's sense of a 'civilising mission' (upholding ancient Chinese values as visionary alternatives to those of the West) have demonstrated Beijing's regional strategy.
C'est cette tension que Badie essaie de saisir dans le principe de territorialisation du politique.
Most learning environments in a university will host a number of different disciplines simultaneously or consecutively, such that the learning environment is defined by the pragmatics of the learning situation taking place at a particular time rather than a fixed disciplinary territorialisation (Brew, 2008).
Le ministre de l'Interieur et des Collectivites locales, Nouredine Bedoui, a souligne, quant a lui, qu'il est fondamental d'inscrire les collectivites locales au cœur des nouveaux mecanismes de territorialisation des politiques etatiques en impliquant le developpement economique local au cote du secteur prive.
There was rather a spill-over into Iraq, and an unprecedented territorialisation of the Jihadist presence in the very heart of the Middle East with the fall of Mosul in 2014, and the establishment and unremitting expansion of "Islamic State" in Iraq and Syria.
Moreover, she explains how those policies incarnated national progress and signified a territorialisation of the nation--connecting the whole country by a road system, increasing access to remote places, and making tourism a form of leisure as much as an educational activity that celebrated national beauty (landscape) and highlighted historical places.