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Noun1.terry towel - a bath towel with rough loose pileterry towel - a bath towel with rough loose pile  
bath towel - a large towel; to dry yourself after a bath
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Tribune News Network Doha The Vibrant Terry Towel Global Expo and Summit 2019 (VTT GES 2019) held a roadshow titled 'Vibrant Terry Towel 2019' in Doha.
Indian ambassador P Kumaran with Anmol Modi, senior head -- Promotions of Vibrant Terry Towel 2019.
The Indian Embassy in Muscat, as part of its endeavour to promote business relations between India and Oman, last week organised a roadshow to promote Vibrant Terry Towel Global Expo and Summit 2019 (VTTGES).
Pakistan's terry towel exports to United States of America (USA) and
The ratings reflect the experience of the group's promoters, its established presence in the terry towel business and its moderate liquidity position as well as the expansion project successfully commissioned during the fiscal year to 31 March 2011.
Following coordination with IOCO (Input-Output Coefficient Organization), TMA had been working for enhancement of duty drawback rates of terry towel for the last two years and conducted requisite survey of various factory premises by the IOCO team and collection of all relevant data provided to IOCO team and preparation of work sheets based on the data collected were submitted in F.B.R for their final approval.
The No-Wet liquid is then gently removed by wiping the area with a soft terry towel, without any damage to the surface.
Talib Brothers Chief Executive Mian Talib Hussain said that we are already exporting Pakistan Terry Towel looms and new shuttleless looms would also be exported.
I ain't busted a bead nowhere, as dry as when my honey wiped me down this morning with that terry towel and called me love, called me sweetness.
SRTL is engaged in production of Yarn, Terry towel related products, Yarn dyeing and Fabric processing & dyeing.
The AIRO 24 also obtained an interesting development in the terry towel sector.
The company is one of the largest terry towel manufacturers in India.