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adj, n
(Zoology) another word for tertiary5, tertiary6
[C19: from Latin tertius third, from ter thrice, from trēs three]


(ˈtɜr ʃəl)

1. pertaining to any of a set of flight feathers situated on the basal segment of a bird's wing.
2. a tertial feather.
[1830–40; < Latin terti(us) third + -al1]
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Kitayama, "Secondary and tertial consolidation of bentonite clay: consolidation test, molecular dynamics simulation and multiscale homogenization analysis," Mechanics of Materials, vol.
In treating two relatively little-known late songs, Im Freien and Der Winterabend, Spitzer makes the refreshing observation that although "tertial harmonies are present in much of Schubert's instrumental and vocal music ...
She was on the water at the edge of the decoy spread, close enough to even see the beat-up tertial feathers that blonde birds often get.
After adjustment for baseline and then time varying factors (year of treatment; tertial of lead-time category, baseline SOFA score category, and baseline APACHE IV risk of death category), there was a progressive increase in the mortality risk associated with iHD.
Tertial cutoffs that divided the data set into equal thirds by magnitude of the MI were then defined.