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At Perron, gold mineralization occurs in association with a number of key criteria, including: sodic rhyolite host rocks; proximity to the Perron Fault Zone of roughly 1-2 km; rheological contrast between the host rhyolites and intrusions; sericite alteration halo; intersection of secondary or tertiary structures and high-magnetic lineaments disrupted by later structures.
Moreover, secondary and tertiary structures are important for B cell epitope prediction.
Tertiary structures of pseudogenes encoded proteins and their functional relative proteins were predicted using SWISS-MODEL and I-TASSER server (Zhang, 2008; Biasini et al., 2014).
Within the known tertiary structures of Csps, the basic and aromatic residues within RNP1 and RNP2, collectively, form a nucleic acid-binding surface (Figure 1).
Draper, "The Osmolyte TMAO stabilizes native RNA tertiary structures in the absence of [Mg.sup.2+] : evidence for a large barrier to folding from phosphate dehydration," Journal of Molecular Biology, vol.
Contract notice: Design of secondary and tertiary structures and electrical outfitting on offshore foundations.
Predictions of secondary and tertiary structures were generated using the Phyre version 2 web server ( = index).
Tertiary structures of MDM2 and p53 optimized truncates, composed of amino acids 23-119 and 18-26, were obtained from protein databank (PDB code: 1T4F) (Figure 1).
Nemat-Gorgani, "Chemical modification of bacterial [alpha]-amylases: changes in tertiary structures and the effect of additional calcium," Biochimica et Biophysica Acta--Protein Structure and Molecular Enzymology, vol.
Additionally, secondary and tertiary structures of the chymotrypsin protein were investigated qualitatively by FTIR and fluorescence spectroscopy, respectively, revealing a mostly unaltered structure for the immobilized enzyme.
Further alignment showed that several pairs of allergens could be respectively grouped together, but with less than 15% pairwise positives in amino acid sequences and most of them exhibited different tertiary structures (See next part).
Also, another goal in this research was to answer this question: does counter cation in the Preyssler structure, which is responsible for primary, secondary, and tertiary structures, have an important role on loading of gold nanoparticles onto titanium dioxide?