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The prevailing range of a vocal or instrumental part, within which most of the tones lie.

[Italian, from Latin textūra, web, structure; see texture.]
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1. (Classical Music) the general pitch level of a piece of vocal music: an uncomfortably high tessitura.
2. (Classical Music) the compass or range of a voice
[Italian: texture, from Latin textura; see texture]
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(ˌtɛs ɪˈtʊər ə)

n., pl. -tu•ras, -tu•re (-ˈtʊər eɪ)
the general pitch level or average range of a vocal or instrumental part in a musical composition.
[1890–95; < Italian: literally, texture < Latin textūra; see texture]
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The tessitura always has a natural sheen and of that much feared high notes, he simply breezed through them like a walk in the park and with all the overpowering emotion intact.
This instrument is a type of idiophone, but with a more resonant and lower-pitched tessitura than the xylophone.
There are hundreds of ways to manage a box office and customer data, from using software like Tessitura, Spektrix, Theatre Manager, Blackbaud, and PatronBase, to employing a DIY-sryle that mixes PayPal and spreadsheets.
This 12.5-minute work is fairly straight-forward technically, using a range from g to c"' (ossia to bb") with a tessitura mostly in the upper treble clef staff.
Ewazen's melodic settings of these poems are uniformly fluid, and lie at times quite low in the range, a mellifluous tessitura. Voice and trumpet weave together effectively in continual counterpoint in every song, and in the hands of a truly collaborative ensemble,...
Sabe-se que os exercicios de vibracao de lingua trazem beneficios a qualidade vocal [3,8,9,15,16] e que o treino com variacoes tonais e utilizado nos aquecimentos vocais de ensaios, com o intuito de se aumentar a tessitura vocal para o canto.
Frederique Drolet as Romilda, the object of Xerxes's desire, had no difficulties with her role's high tessitura. Mezzo Kathrin Welte was the most polished of the young singers.
People who don't know the diversity of the soprano's talent will be able to discover her unique tessitura, blending force with tenderness.
Baritone Marcus Farnsworth certainly has the clarity of articulation to carry these well-known texts (how brave of Joubert to tackle "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"), though some of the lowest notes in the score's wide-ranging tessitura lacked depth of tone.
Directed at the beginning to play "with great verve," the bass trombonist encounters passages of wide tessitura (GG to bl), dense rhythmic textures (many extended phrases in dotted sixteenths and thirty-seconds) and a preponderance of disjunct melodic writing.
Dessa forma, a tessitura do fio foi constituida por cinco teias tematicas: articulacao do projeto pedagogico com o SUS; relacao ensino/servico e teoria/pratica; transdisciplinaridade ou interdisciplinaridade; abordagens didaticas/metodologicas e relacionais; e coparticipacao do discente no projeto pedagogico.
New exhibitors include Davide Medri, Omnitech and Tessitura Corte.