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Any of various amoeboid protozoans having a hard external covering, found in soil and freshwater habitats.

[From New Latin Testācea, former order name, from Latin, neuter pl. of testāceus, covered with a shell, from testa, shell.]

tes·ta′cean adj.


(Animals) any of various invertebrate animals with a hard shell
(Zoology) (of an invertebrate) having a hard shell
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Noun1.testacean - any of various rhizopods of the order Testacea characterized by having a shell
rhizopod, rhizopodan - protozoa characterized by a pseudopod
order Testacea, Testacea - testacean rhizopods
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Study of testacean assemblages (Protozoa: Rhizopoda) in touristic waterfall regions of Chapada dos Guimaraas National Park, Mato Grosso State, Brazil
The data reported here therefore offer a unique contribution to the body of knowledge on the composition and richness of Testacean amoebae in rivers with waterfalls.
The testacean assemblages recorded in the 96 samples collected at the three sampling sites were composed of 80 infrageneric taxa belonging to 5 families and 12 genera, with a total of 643 individuals observed (Table 1).
The point here is that a testacean displays superior life because its physis is more moist.
Aristotle notes here an analogy between the relation of plants to testaceans and that of earth to water.
Soil protozoa: fundamental problems, ecological significance, adaptations in ciliates and testaceans, bioindicators and guide to the literature.