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n. pl. tes·ta·tri·ces (-trĭ-sēz′)
A deceased woman who has left a legally valid will.

[Latin, feminine of testātor, testator; see testator.]


(tɛˈsteɪ trɪks)

n., pl. tes•ta•tri•ces (tɛˈsteɪ trəˌsiz, ˌtɛs təˈtraɪ siz)
a woman who makes a will, esp. one who has died leaving a valid will.
[1585–95; < Late Latin testātrīx; see testator, -trix]
usage: See -trix.
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Noun1.testatrix - a female testator
testate, testator - a person who makes a will


[tesˈteɪtrɪks] Ntestadora f


nErblasserin f (form)
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In course of the century, the share of female testators who made bequests to the scuole increased to twenty-five percent of all testatrices, while the share of male testators remained at a lower, constant level.
(90) In the second half of the fourteenth century numerous testatrices bequeathed to one or more scuole small amounts of money.
The considerable increase in the number of testatrices making bequests to the scuole and declaring themselves to be members proves that the interest of women in these institutions grew in the course of the fourteenth century.