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One who takes or has taken a test.


a person subjected to a test



a person who takes a test.
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Noun1.testee - someone who is tested (as by an intelligence test or an academic examination)
passer - a student who passes an examination
answerer, responder, respondent - someone who responds


(Psych etc) → Testperson f
(Sch etc) → Prüfling m
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[beaucoup moins que]Nous avons teste l'eau entrant dans ces stations de traitement et nous l'avons testee et, je peux vous dire, il y a tres peu de difference." "Nous avons trouve des niveaux accrus de nitrates, de particules de manganese, de phosphate, de coliformes fecaux et de streptocoques - tous deux presents dans les dechets humains - parmi d'autres matieres.
A Houston, la Nasa developpe une nouvelle combinaison, la premiere depuis 40 ans, baptisee xEMU, mais elle ne sera testee dans l'ISS que dans quelques annees.
Elle est une proposition ouverte pour l'interpretation polysemiotique des contenus, elle releve d'une approche appliquante et elle est susceptible d'etre bonifiee et testee sur d'autres genres de produits pluricodes connexes.
There is no time limit for answering the entire test; however an average testee can finish the test in approximately 30 minutes.
La qualite d'ajustement des modeles a ete testee par des analyses de residus.
Whatever tests are chosen, the monitor should know the detectability time for each substance in the relevant tissue (Table 3), (4-7) which varies based on the laboratory or device's predetermined level of detection, the technology used for the test, and physical variables of the testee.
The movie instead explores humans: the Frankenstein-like hubris involved in creating artificial beings; the power relationships between employee and boss, parent and child, tester and testee; the moral responsibility of creation.
The statistical population of this research includes all of the women working in Ahvaz's oil company in the current year which is composed of 30 young women employees and all of them have participated in the research as testee. Thus, the sampling method has been purposive in this research and all of the working women have participate in this study voluntarily and with their own interest.
(9) A notre connaissance, une telle hypothese n'a jamais ete testee dans la litterature.
High-stakes testing can be defined as those tests with important consequences for the test taker such as acceptance to university, a scholarship, or a license to practice a profession, all of which may have a great influence of the testee's life.