testimonial immunity

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Noun1.testimonial immunity - an exemption that displaces the privilege against self-incrimination; neither compelled testimony or any fruits of it can be used against the witness who therefore can no longer fear self-incrimination
granting immunity, exemption, immunity - an act exempting someone; "he was granted immunity from prosecution"
transactional immunity - a broader form of use immunity that also protects the witness from any prosecution brought about relating to transactions to which they gave testimony
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804(a)(1) even though he asserts his privilege against self-incrimination if he can be made available through the granting of testimonial immunity .
government argued, and the Ninth Circuit agreed, that the scope of his testimonial immunity was governed not by the FSIA but purely by the agreement between the United States and Taiwan.
And as long as the charges remain on a state level, the couple will receive testimonial immunity under California law.
United States District Court, the Ninth Circuit permitted a foreign diplomat embroiled in an FSIA case to claim testimonial immunity.
If judges support the abolition of the immunity partly on the basis that advocates should be treated like other professional people, it would be anomalous if they did so while also supporting a testimonial immunity for themselves.
Navy's Court of Inquiry because it is unlikely he will be granted testimonial immunity, his defense lawyer said Sunday.
This clean rule of testimonial immunity would openly vindicate the Court's recent emphasis on reliability as a preeminent criminal procedure value, but it has many other virtues as well.
12) Because it does not provide as broad protection, testimonial immunity is the preferred type of immunity.
submarine for deciding he is unlikely to testify at an inquiry into the sub's sinking of a Japanese ship because he has little chance of obtaining testimonial immunity.
Some readers may accept our Fifth Amendment idea of testimonial immunity for civilized testimony, but reject our Fourth Amendment views.
The Kastigar Challenge: Testimonial Immunity and Subsequent Prosecution