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adj. tes·ti·er, tes·ti·est
Irritated, impatient, or exasperated; peevish: a testy cab driver; a testy refusal to help.

[Alteration of Middle English testif, headstrong, alteration (influenced by Middle English -if, variant of -ive, -ive, as in natif, native) of Old French testu, from Old French teste, head, from Late Latin testa, skull; see teston.]

tes′ti·ly adv.
tes′ti·ness n.
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Noun1.testiness - feeling easily irritatedtestiness - feeling easily irritated    


nGereiztheit f
References in classic literature ?
And the old gentleman looked a trifle ashamed of his own testiness.
Certainly--of course I did," he returned, with the sudden testiness of disturbed abstraction.
She often chose this task, in which she found some pleasure, notwithstanding the old man's testiness whenever he demanded her attentions.
Mighty fine certainly,' said Ralph, with great testiness.
The lodger, in the testiness of being so rudely roused, had pushed his nightcap very much on one side of his bald head.
The testiness of this exchange is probably top 10 that I've ever seen in the world of pharmaceuticals,'' said WBB Securities LLC President Stephen Brozak, who's been following the industry for 25 years.
63) In his reply to Churchill's request to negotiate with German leaders, a glimmer of testiness about trespass on the departmental responsibilities of colleagues appears: "I put this [alternative approach, i.
This appears to raise the three-decade-old conflict between the United States and the Islamic Republic to a higher and nastier level, effectively burying the effort by President Rohani to end the testiness in Iran-American relations.
Black books is brilliant: testiness, bad hair, cigarettes, books, coffee, wine, everything.
The contest also was notable for its testiness, as neither candidate held back from launching virulent attacks on the other.
James is unable to walk so the other men push him towards the sea in a makeshift cart, overcoming the hazardous terrain with good humour and testiness.
That this matter assumed such critical importance reflects De Groot's state of mind and testiness.