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adj. tes·ti·er, tes·ti·est
Irritated, impatient, or exasperated; peevish: a testy cab driver; a testy refusal to help.

[Alteration of Middle English testif, headstrong, alteration (influenced by Middle English -if, variant of -ive, -ive, as in natif, native) of Old French testu, from Old French teste, head, from Late Latin testa, skull; see teston.]

tes′ti·ly adv.
tes′ti·ness n.
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Noun1.testiness - feeling easily irritatedtestiness - feeling easily irritated    
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nGereiztheit f
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She often chose this task, in which she found some pleasure, notwithstanding the old man's testiness whenever he demanded her attentions.
The lodger, in the testiness of being so rudely roused, had pushed his nightcap very much on one side of his bald head.
What the dickens does the fellow expect?" And the old gentleman looked a trifle ashamed of his own testiness.
"Certainly--of course I did," he returned, with the sudden testiness of disturbed abstraction.
'Mighty fine certainly,' said Ralph, with great testiness. 'When I first went to business, ma'am, I took a penny loaf and a ha'porth of milk for my breakfast as I walked to the city every morning; what do you say to that, ma'am?
Without dedication to self-care the practitioner can become exhausted, burnt out, and this may be expressed through irritation, testiness in relationship.
As can be seen in the examples above, many of these glossing phrases project meaningful information that contributes to the portrayal of Ralph Nickleby; other glossing phrases found with say are carelessly, drily, in his harshest accents, irascibly, looking sharply at them by turns, looking fearfully round, menacing him, roughly enough, scowling round, tartly, testily or with great testiness, among others.
Editors at news outlets report upticks in both the number of letters they're receiving and in the testiness of the sentiments.
In addition, we found varying degrees of improvement in comorbid disorders, such as OCD, self-injury behavior, and emotional disorders (testiness and irritability), after the surgery.
(15.) See Adam Liptak, Justices' Opinions Grow in Size, Accessibility, and Testiness, Study Finds, N.Y.
Each of us suffers at times from a testiness toward the other that is new to us.
The Unmarried Mother's own testiness speaks of a man ready for a fight.