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Noun1.testing room - a room in which tests are conductedtesting room - a room in which tests are conducted
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"
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Local media reported last week that for the past three years, Government has been renting a two-bedroom house at N.dollars 50 000 per month to operate a clinic comprising of a screening room, toilet/washroom, kitchen and an HIV rapid testing room, among others.
Dominic Watson, Audiology Business Central With an older patient base, and spare testing room capacity, it makes sense to consider making provision for hearing in your practice.
During the meeting, the participants discussed the integration of people with disabilities, the promotion of an inclusive environment, the protection of equal rights and opportunities for people with disabilities, the modernization of the testing room of the State Personnel Service adapted to the special needs of people with disabilities.
One last group was instructed to take nothing with them inside testing room.
Tatlidil added that the company had been testing Room Operations for about a year, prior to its official launch at the three-day trade event, and added that "there is no technology like this so far in the region".
Our doctor, the late Ronan O'Callaghan - what a character by the way - stormed into the drug testing room. And he blew his top because Steaua provided us with beers and cokes to pee.
A bespoke mobility testing room offering full eye test facilities in one area for disabled people has also been installed.
For example, you would not want an overly stimulated testing room for a preschooler.
USCarrier said that the expanded NCC will host an Operations Work Area and Centralized Technical workspace for Carrier Ethernet Product management, co-locate equipment space for future customer needs and a newly installed lab and equipment testing room, in addition to monitoring the company's fully redundant 3,600 mile fibre optic network in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida.
The new Centre for Excellence houses an NPD kitchen, a sensory testing room, a bakery, and a micro-brewery and winery, enabling Muntons and its customers to work more closely together on developing new product concepts and improving existing ones.
The primary care medical centre includes 15 consulting rooms, three treatment rooms, a minor operations room, a pharmacy, blood testing room, meeting rooms, staff rooms, and a shop.