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 (tĕs′tŏn′) also tes·toon (tĕ-sto͞on′)
1. A 16th-century French silver coin.
2. An English coin stamped with the image of Henry VIII's head. Also called tester3.

[French, from Italian testone, augmentative of testa, head, from Late Latin, skull, from Latin, shell.]
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He received an allowance of one tostao (testoon) for each detention he made in Coimbra.
The testoon from the reign of Henry VII, dating from 1502 and bearing a clear portrait of the first Tudor monarch, was auctioned at Morton & Eden in London.
The diagonal starting in the south-east reads TESTOONES (OED teston, testoon 1, 1617 quote), a name used of a number of European silver coins from about 1450 for 100 years or so.