tete a tete

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Adv.1.tete a tete - without the intrusion of a third person; in intimate privacy; "we talked tete-a-tete"
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Duterte later had a tete a tete and expanded bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Hun Sen.
During his Turkey visit Erdoy-an and Putin will hold tete a tete meeting and attend two the 5th Turkey-Russia High Level Cooperation Council Meeting.
The muscari's cool blues peek out from under the golden trumpets narcissi tete a tete, providing an eye-catching colour contrast.
NARCISSUS TETE A TETE Ihave lots of these in pots by my front door and they always make me smile.
Combine yellow and orange tulips and wallflowers for maximum impact - or blue forget-me-nots, pink bellis and dwarf Tete a Tete daffodils for cottage-style borders and containers.
The scene reproduced here is the second, entitled The Tete a Tete. Marriage has not brought the young couple any closer together, rather they have maintained their separate lives: the wall-clock shows the time to be after noon, and the viscount has returned exhausted from an active night out; the dog sniffs something in his pocket: a girl's (but not his wife's) muslin cap.
'Tete a Tete', named for its paired yellow flowers, stands up well to foul weather and can be forced for indoor bloom.
On offer today are 60 mixed species Tulip bulbs worth PS13.14 and 50 Narcissus Tete a Tete bulbs worth PS14.95.
On offer today are 60 mixed species Tulip bulbs worth PS13.14 and 50 Narcissus TULIP Tete a Tete bulbs worth PS14.95.