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1. A game played by two people using the hands or paddles and a ball hung by a cord from an upright post, the objective being to wind the cord around the post.
2. The ball used in this game.


(Ball Games, other than specified) US a ball game for two players that is played with two rackets and a ball that is attached to the top of a pole with string. The aim of the game is to wrap the string around the pole


(ˈtɛð ərˌbɔl)

a game in which two players hit in opposite directions a ball attached by a cord to a post, the object being to coil the cord completely around the post.
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Noun1.tetherball - a game with two players who use rackets to strike a ball that is tethered to the top of a poletetherball - a game with two players who use rackets to strike a ball that is tethered to the top of a pole; the object is to wrap the string around the pole
athletic game - a game involving athletic activity
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And I'm looking in the viewfinder skating back and I just ran straight into one of those tetherball poles.
A female teacher interrupted Diana's tetherball mastery, chiding: “Can't you let the other girl win sometimes?
The kids are always playing tetherball, jumping on the trampoline, or climbing in the treehouse," Duvivier says.
We were definitely the big kids on campus, and I remember we had tetherball courts and Andre and I went completely undefeated and then we won the championship match," Johnstone said.
Children love the petting zoo, tetherball and playground with climbing structures.
Park amenities include, but are not limited to the following: grass play area; concrete and decomposed granite walkways; native planting areas; basketball court; site furniture; tot lots with swing-sets and other play equipment covered by shade canopies; horseshoe pits; tetherball courts; shaded picnic areas; onsite parking area; lighting; restroom/maintenance building.
Specks will often circle like a damned tetherball on a rope around your blind and have a reputation for wariness, like they are assessing your small family groups of decoys individually.
Helldivers," Jimmy said, when he hit the tetherball.
There are also outdoor basketball, handball and tetherball courts, end men's and women's locker rooms.
The chains clanged on the tetherball poles, tossed by the fits of wind.
Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the Jackass boys return with more stomach-churning/ life-threatening stunts ranging from the Sweatsuit Cocktail, the Lamborghini Tooth Pull and a predictably short-lived game of Beehive Tetherball.
A new bike path from one end of the park to the other is already completed, while plans to build volleyball courts on Pier 6 and tetherball on Pier 2 are in place as well.